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X-Ray of a Lazy Person

Throughout history, many great leaders and explorers have sought to find the source of “unlimited youth”.

There was the fountain of youth – the mystical spring or pond containing water that, when consumed, would grant a long life free of illness.

There was also the holy grail – the chalice supposedly used by Jesus of Nazareth, that basically did the same thing as the fountain of youth when water was consumed from it.

Well, we pity those who spent their entire lives looking for these “miracles” and “cures” that would grant unlimited youth, because we ALL may have had the ability to prevent aging all along.

Check out this picture below …


Each picture is an MRI of someone’s thighs. The top is of a 40 y/o trialthete’s, the middle is of a 74 y/o sedentary man’s, and the bottom is of a 70 y/o triathlete’s.

Notice how both triathletes, despite their age difference, have similar looking thighs? They both have plenty of muscle and very little fat.

Compare that to the sedentary man’s thighs … it’s filled with “white”. This white is FAT.

Heck, even check out the poor man’s muscles – it’s infused with fat, too, like a delicious marbled steak.

Despite what TV medical professionals and salespeople may claim, you don’t need tons of supplements, creams, lotions, or surgeries to make yourself young forever.

The secret to youth and longevity is MOVEMENT.

Movement – more specifically, exercise, sports, outdoor activities, and so forth – is a “stressful activity” that forces your body to continually adapt, improve, and grow stronger.

Without this stress, your body would just continuously degrade until you’re withered, arthritic, immobile, and weak. This is the type of stress that prevents aging.

Until scientists are able to modify your genetic make-up so that your body continually “adapts” on its own without stress, you will need to keep moving (whether it be with training at the gym or simply going for a walk), because there is no other way to “stress” our bodies in this manner.

For those who already moving, working out, players sports… GREAT! Keep it up, and continue to enjoy your own anti-aging efforts.

For those of you who aren’t moving, are out of shape, and aren’t sure how to begin… You need to find yourself some expert assistance to start.

With professional coaching, you don’t need to worry about what you need to do, how many times a week to do it, whether or not you’re doing it correctly, and so on. An expert will handle the complicated details and guide you the entire way.

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