8-Week Winter Camps at GameChanger

Here’s What Each 60-Minute Session Will Include

Speed & Agility

Drills to teach proper running mechanics so your children will maximize their speed potential & quickness.
Proven agility drills to improve side-to-side movement while also improving change of direction quickness.
Plyometrics & Medicine Ball Training to increase full-body power so they can run faster and be more explosive.

Bat Speed & Velocity

Proven medicine ball drills that will develop & enhance your children’s explosiveness & rotational power.
The best mobility & flexibility drills to loosen up the shoulders and hips so they can maximize their hitting power & throwing velocity.
Unique exercises to improve the decelerating muscles of the shoulder (this will help them unlock their velocity potential).
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Here’s Everything Else You Need to Know

Start & End Dates

November 7th to December 26th (8 Sessions Total)


21 Fadem Rd. #12, Springfield, NJ 07080


Saturdays, 11am (Speed & Agility) & 12pm (Bat Speed)


$299 for One Camp or $499 for Both Camps

Maximum # of Kids

Session are Limited to Just 12 Kids for Speed & Agility and 16 Kids for Bat Speed & Velocity

Hey! I’ve Still Got a Few Questions!

How old does my kid have to be to attend?

These camps are designed for both Middle School AND High School athletes, whether they play baseball / softball, or any other sport 🙂

How will you be keeping my child safe, regarding COVID-19?

We will be implementing social distancing, requiring face coverings, having each attendee go through our screening process at check-in time, disinfecting equipment before each session begins, and much more. To learn more about our Safety Plan, please click here.