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Will Consuming Fats Make You Fat?

Fat-free/low-free food products have been the norm up until recently.

It was commonly believed for many years that “fat makes you fat”, and eating fat-free foods was the ticket to easy fat-loss.

But within the past few years, with the surge in popularity for low-carb diets, fats have been given some slack and have actually been praised for fat-loss efforts.

So who’s to be believed? Does eating fat really make you fat?

See my answer below.

As long as you don’t consume an significant excess of calories, whether it comes from fats or proteins or carbs, you will not gain body fat.

And to clarify, in the video I stated that eating an excess of any kind of calories will make you fat. The one exception to this rule is that if you eat a small excess while on a strength training program, a good portion of those calories will go towards muscle building.

Anyway, in the end, it’s all about calories-in versus calories-in.

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