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Why You NEED Strength Training For a Toned Body

By February 4, 2015Adult Fitness

by Game Changer Strength and Nutrition Coach Rob Riccobono

strength train fat loss

You don’t care how much you can bench press. You might not even care about being strong. Your main fitness goals are to be healthy and have a physique you are proud of. If you fit this description, strength training is still the best exercise for you.

A “Toned” Look Comes from Lean Muscle Mass

A toned body is one that has stripped off body fat to reveal and show off its lean muscle. If you lose body weight but never build up any lean muscle mass, you will not sculpt a toned physique. If you don’t have enough muscle mass, no matter how much body fat you lose, chances are you will not see the physique transformation you were hoping for. The easiest way to build or retain this lean muscle is through strength training with heavy weights. In the words of trainer and coach Nick Tumminello, “you can’t build a perkier, rounder, or sexier anything without building muscle.”

More Muscle = More Calories Burned

Fat loss comes easier if you can burn more calories with each movement. Having more muscle mass achieves just that. Your body burns more calories during activity (exercising, walking, fidgeting) and even at rest (sitting, sleeping) when it has more muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more energy (calories) your body uses (burns).

Cardio exercise can burn many calories while you perform it, but strength training allows your body to burn more calories during every activity. If two people have the exactly same daily activity, diet, genetics, and follow the same exercise program, the person with more muscle mass will burn more calories. Who do you think will have the easier time losing body fat??

More Calories Burned Means You Can Eat More!!

You must burn more calories than you consume to lose body fat. If you are burning more calories from increased muscle mass, you can eat even MORE food before exceeding the calories you’ve burned. If you eat more food, you will have more energy, endure less stress from dieting, and have an easier time sticking to your plan.

Losing body fat is not an easy process. It requires hard work, attention to detail, and patience. Give yourself every opportunity to succeed and make the process as easy as possible. Strength training is your BEST tool for this. If you could only do one thing to improve your health and fitness, this is it. Lift some heavy weights and get the body you’ve always wanted.

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