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What Foods Trigger You?

I have to admit: I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Sure, I like different kinds of food, but once dessert is brought out, all bets are off.

It’s one of those things that I try my best to avoid, because the second I have one bite, the flood gates open and the next thing you know, I’ve already had two plates of dessert & am ready to get another plate’s worth.

I know not everyone is the same. Everyone’s got their weaknesses.

And it’s interesting because each kind of food that people go bonkers with seems to set people off for different reasons.

Sugar is obviously a huge one and is why desserts mess a lot of people up.

First, sugar tastes awesome, Second, it causes a massive spike in energy. Third, it sets off the reward center of the brain. It’s no wonder it’s nicknamed “the other white powder.”

Fast food is another contender.

Somehow, all these fast food companies figured out how to take two of the most calorically-dense products – grease/oil (which is pure fat) and flour (which is pure carbohydrate) – and turn it into some of the most delicious and not-filling foods ever. Cheeseburgers, french fries, chicken wings, pizza, “Mexican” food (I use quotes because I don’t consider Taco Bell to be real Mexican food), Chinese take-out, etc. – these are all things that are really just pure fat & pure carbohydrate, and we can eat this endlessly. Is it because the lack of fiber? The lack of protein? I’m not sure.

Then there are certain pre-packaged foods, like cookies & chips.

You ever go to a little house party and just scarf down a whole bowl of chips or an entire sleeve of cookies? They’re in the same boat as fast food – being just pure fat and carbohydrate and not much else – but what’s nuts about them is that they’re designed by food scientists at these giant companies to be so delicious that you cannot stop eating them. Seriously, who has just a cookie or two, or just a few chips?

Finally, there’s alcohol.

Alcohol is just so perfect in how it lowers inhibitions and increases hunger. You know, the perfect recipe for getting yourself to binge eat 3 in the morning. The munchies are not something you want when you’re trying to maintain our lose weight!

Here’s what to do if you have trigger-foods:

If you struggle with any of these foods, your best bet would be to probably avoid them and stick to foods you know won’t put your any a psychological war path of feasting… Usually fruits, veggies, grilled or baked protein sources, and plenty of water will keep you full without making you want to keep eating beyond a normal amount.

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