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Wendy’s Story

“Before GameChanger, I was working out at a traditional gym or at home. I’ve always loved exercise and consider my workouts to be a form of #selfcare, allowing me to do something for myself so that I can show up in a better, stronger, more able way for others.

Ultimately though, I was tired of doing it all alone and really craving a tribe, a #fitfam, a group of people who also want to be better and who work for it together!

I’ve been working out on my own for years and love high intensity interval training / tabata workouts. After seeing another Mom in town (Denise Daley) post about GameChanger on social media, I asked her about it and decided to check it out. It was definitely time for me to try something different!

GameChanger has been a BLAST! I personally prefer to exercise in the morning, as a way to start off my day. However as a working Mom with various schedules to balance, morning workouts are not always an option. Often times I do GC classes at night after getting my kids to bed… this is a huge difference for me!

The old me would have chosen the couch over a workout in the evening for sure. Having a coach and a group to show up for makes it WAY easier to get out at night and get it done, regardless of how tiring a day I may have.

GameChanger has assisted me to break through a personal fitness plateau AND has introduced me to an exceptional group of people in the process. I’m physically stronger and have made some new friends. WIN WIN all around!”

– Wendy Kaszak, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Springfield NJ

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