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The Weight Loss “Habits” Check List

I have a simple “yes or no” question for you.

Do you fall into any of the following categories?

A) “I need to lose weight but I have no idea how to get started.”

B) “I’ve started losing some weight, but I’ve stalled and don’t know what to do.”

C) “I workout and eat right, but I feel like I can take my health & fitness to the next level.”

So, what’s your answer? Yes, or no?

If “yes’, & you identify with either A, B, or C, then I want you to keep reading.

There are a few simple habits you can use to make huge changes in your life.

They’re nothing revolutionary, in fact.

You just need the resolve to stick to them, every day.

By doing that, you’ll take your health & fitness from A to B.

From B to C.

From C to D.

And from D to beyond.

Here are the habits you should adopt ASAP to make these changes happen:

#1 – Track EVERYTHING You Eat

In order to control your body composition, you need to control what you eat.

And how can you control what you eat… if you don’t even know what you’re eating?

This is where food tracking comes into play.

All you need is two items to get started.

First, is a food tracking app.

Apps like MyFitnessPal & Cronometer allow you to easily track all the foods you eat & their total amounts.

And when you do enter everything in, they also tell you how many calories you’ve consumed, too.

This is the most important part, because calories make or break weight loss (or weight maintenance).

Second, to track everything accurately, you need a weight scale.

Why? Because most people can’t figure out how many ounces or grams a piece of chicken is by looking at it.

Pick up one up from Walmart, Target, or Amazon for a few bucks. 

#2 – Strength Train 3x/Week

Most people have no problem exercising a few times per week.

Walking a few miles one day, taking a long bike ride another day, hitting the gym on a 3rd day.

That seems easy enough for most people to accomplish.

But how about this…

What if we were to strength train 3x/week, instead of just simply exercising?

You’d still be burning calories in either case.

But more importantly, you’ll be maintaining (or even building muscle)

This helps raise your metabolism & makes your body look firmer and tighter as you lose weight.

Plus, muscle & bone loss happens naturally as we age, so you’re fighting the aging process, too!

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve hit a weightless plateau, or you want to take yourself to the next level…

…adopting these two habits will ensure you’re improving your health & fitness over the long term