“It’s a fun gym and I absolutely love it!”

“Before GameChanger, I worked out at home and had several gym memberships.

When I saw GameChanger on Facebook, it looked like a different setting than what a typical gym would have. Their group workouts looked appealing and fun.

In this environment, it’s easy to be motivated. There’s no guess work when it comes time or what type of workout to be done each day. All the hard work is done for you!

I definitely feel a change in my mood! I feel strong and accomplished after workouts.

The gym has a certain energy which is rare. It’s a very positive and friendly environment to be in. No matter how you feel that day, once you make it to the gym you are pretty much set to have an awesome day. All the coaches are incredible and dedicated. It’s a fun gym and I absolutely love it!

– Mariana Shupak, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Fanwood NJ

“I don’t write reviews. Ever. Yet, I’m writing this … I’m a fan.”

I am a long time member of the Westfield Y. I play basketball, swim and lift weights when I’m there. I’ve also been a runner my whole life. Running led me to yoga, which I practice irregularly.

I was getting stale. I’ve gotten fat. I wasn’t working out with any regularity or consistency. I’ve got the attention span of a house fly. I was looking for something with more structure with a strength-training-emphasis. Without realizing it perhaps, I was looking for a training facility rather than a gym. I stumbled upon GameChanger during an internet search that I think I searched for “lift weights every day” or something like that. I called and set up a meeting with Joe and signed up the same day.

I’ve never been around a group of people that combine teaching expertise at the highest level with such wonderful personalities. The GameChanger staff is the nicest group of people I’ve ever been around. The format of the training is first-rate, but it could not work without the level of talent on the staff.

I don’t write reviews. Ever. Yet, I’m writing this … I’m a fan.

It’s really a bit early in the game for me to speak about my progress. Clearly I like the place. I am a little bit in awe of just how talented and engaging everyone is there. I’m an old dude and feel completely comfortable with a staff that is less than half my age. That is no small thing.”

– Rob Shaffer, Adult Athlete from Westfield, NJ

“I’ve lost those pesky pounds & gained confidence – and my friends & family have taken notice.”

“I was a regular middle aged guy – a physician – trying to balance work & family while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I regularly attended a gym in Brooklyn, where I commute to work most days, but found I was getting bored, and had definitely been putting on a few pesky pounds.

I started seeing GameChanger’s posts on my Facebook feed and was intrigued by the Fit-Dad Challenge they were running.

Two things made me make the call. First, I saw that GameChanger was “liked” on Facebook by the dad of a friend of my son. I spoke with him and he was really encouraging about the coaches and he program. Second, when one of my patients in my NJ office showed up in a GameChanger staff shirt, I knew it was a some sort of a sign. (Nice work, Coach Mark!)

The experience has been great to say the least. I’ve been able to work it into my life, still attending my original gym in Brooklyn but getting the instruction and guidance at GC that I felt I needed.

Let’s face it; you’re never gonna push yourself as hard as somebody else, especially someone more knowledgeable who can make sure you won’t hurt yourself in the process. With GameChanger, I’ve lost those pesky pounds & gained confidence – and my friends & family have taken notice.

I hope I’m setting a good example for my kids in that physical fitness is a lifelong endeavor and goal. I’ve met some really great people , coaches and fellow game changers alike , with whom I really look forward to hanging out. The group sessions are challenging , but misery loves company. It’s a lot of fun.”

– Adam Pass, Adult Athlete & Fit-Dad from Westfield NJ

“Overall, I definitely look and feel stronger and in better condition. “

“Before GameChanger, I went to a couple of different gyms – the last was a local commercial gym. I was working out with my cousin, who was a personal trainer, when he was available. He really got me started with the whole fitness and eating well lifestyle change.

I first saw GameChanger at Dbat in Mountainside. Curt Dahl, who used to come here himself, and his son, Matt, introduced me. I had my son Jack join. I would watch the workouts and became friendly with Coaches Joe and Pete. My cousin was real busy with school so I was looking for something to keep me on the workout track. So, once GameChanger moved from their old location to their current one, I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did.

The experience here has been great. The coaches are friendly and provide you with the necessary instruction and motivation to be successful. Also, it’s also good to have other adult athletes working together. The camaraderie is fantastic and we motivate each other to work harder. I’ve lost about ten pounds since I started once I decided to try one of the fat loss challenges. It worked well for me. I like the competitive aspect of it. It keeps you focused on your goal. Overall, I definitely look and feel stronger and in better condition.

Besides feeling stronger and having more energy, I find that I am always encouraging people to workout and get into better shape, so it will make them feel better. I’m not talking only about cardio but weight training and how it’s a necessary function of staying in shape. I’m convinced that just because you are in your mid fifties, it doesn’t mean you have to feel and act old.”

– Dan Apruzzese, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Summit NJ

“I am changing how my body looks and it feels great!”

“Before joining GameChanger, I went to a martial arts studio in Hillsborough NJ & practiced Taekwondo. I was attending & assisting and leading classes several times a week. In 2015, I got injured at work and for 18 months during my recovery I could not participate in Taekwondo. Once I was able to go back, the original Master had retired and the sold the school.

I work on the same block as GameChanger and would pass by it every day walking to and from our other building. Our HR director met with the folks at GameChanger to set up a group class. I walked in one day and met Christina and signed up.

I love the personalized attention we get here, as well as the variety & the different workouts every week. I find it challenging and I leave there drenched after every class. Plus, everyone in class supports each other. It’s great!

Since joining GameChanger, I sleep better & I have no pain anywhere. I am changing how my body looks and it feels great!”

– Jason Shapiro, Fit-Dad & Adult Athlete from Hillsborough NJ

Denise Lost 60 Lbs!

“As this past summer began, I was feeling my worst. I was absolutely exhausted; both mentally and physically. Being a wife, a mom and a full-time director of health care was challenging as it is, but my out-of-shape body coupled with poor nutrition was making it near impossible for me to push through each day.

I remember one day in early June, I had left the office late, rushed over to pick up my four year old son from school and as I was buckling him into the car, he asked me if we could stop at the park on our way home. I was so drained from the day and quickly replied NO. I remember as I drove home, with my son disappointed in the back seat, I felt awful and broken. It was time to change. I was finally ready to commit to a new lifestyle – not just for myself, but for my family.

I am a very goal-driven person and when I make a commitment, I follow through consistently, hold myself accountable and strive for success. From June to August, I focused on changing my diet, eating clean and fueling my body with the nutrition it had been deprived of for so long. I looked forward to hitting new milestones, weighing in, and of course, those little “non-scale victories” that kept surprising me.

After getting my diet on the right track, I joined GameChanger because it was time for phase two of my lifestyle change – getting in shape.

I was about two months into my lifestyle change when I saw posts floating around on Facebook for GameChanger’s ‘14 Day Summer Slim Down.’ Some key points that encouraged me to reach out included personal training attention, variety of exercises, perfect for rookies, supportive atmosphere and the initial strategy session.

The GameChanger experience has been amazing!

All of the coaches here are so supportive and my health & wellness is their top priority. I am so grateful for the flexibility and accommodations that were made for me during a recent injury – I couldn’t have asked for more. When I walk in the door each morning, there is always someone greeting me and making me feel welcome.

In just a few short months, I feel like I am a part of a team who continues to motivate and encourage me to reach my goals.

Since joining in August, I have been able to lose 28 more pounds, but more importantly, I gained back my strength and my health. I have gone from someone who looked forward to sleeping in, to someone who jumps out of bed every morning to work out. The supportive coaches and other members keep me on track. GameChanger has helped change me as a person, and as a result, I am now a better wife and mom.”

– Denise Daley, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Springfield NJ

“GameChanger has given me my confidence back!”

“I was a member of NYSC for many years but I’d only go every now and then. Every time I felt that I needed to lose weight, I would go and then just stop. In 2015 I was in a car accident, and after that I just stopped going to the gym completely and gained so much weight as a result.

My husband and I moved into the area from New York last December and I wanted to find a place that I could start working out at that was nearby. I used Facebook to find a gym and I came across a few places including GameChanger. I checked them all out but I liked GameChanger the most. Why? I read few of the success stories and I was fascinated with how everyone said it was fun, that everyone makes you feel like family, and that all the trainers are knowledgeable and caring.

GameChanger is an awesome place. I love that everyone is so nice and welcoming! I love that all the coaches take the time to get to know us by name right away. GameChanger definitely does not disappoint. When I signed up at first, all I wanted was to workout just twice a week, but now I look forward to going as much as I can.

GameChanger has given me my confidence back! I feel more accountable for how I eat, I have more energy, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, and I look forward to coming in and doing a great 45-minute workout.”

– Maria Campos, Adult Athlete from Scotch Plains, NJ

“I am without a doubt stronger & healthier now at age 40 than I was at any other time in my life.”

“My wife Jodi and I had moved to the area from Brooklyn just a few years ago – we were adjusting to the suburban life and I was in a bit of a workout rut. I had tried a few different things in the area but nothing appealed to me enough for me to stick to.

I saw a post on Facebook in February 2014 advertising the first ever dad’s challenge at GameChanger. I had never lifted weights before so thought I would take advantage of the challenge and then find somewhere else to go workout. I had also never worked out in the morning before work so the thought of getting up early seemed like a bad idea. The dad’s challenge really motivated me and got my training jump-started, so I decided to stick it with it after the challenge ended. I never would have believed that I would still be a member almost 4 years later and one that goes to 5am classes on a regular basis. This is easily the longest time period that I’ve ever stuck to one gym.

In the beginning I saw immediate improvement in my muscle tone and energy levels and it’s really only improved since then. Even a few times here and there over the years where I’ve had to take a break for one reason or the other, I’ve still been able to get back into it much faster than any routine that I’ve done in the past.

I am without a doubt stronger & healthier now at age 40 than I was at any other time in my life.

I really enjoy the Fat Burn classes which is something that I never would have said before. On the rare occasion where I have enough time to squeeze in back-to-back classes, I’m not worried about my stamina or ability to make it through. It’s been a very positive experience all around for me.

GameChanger has given me more energy than I had before and more confidence in doing things that I didn’t think I could have done before. If I’m ever invited by friends to do something physical like go for a run or a long bike ride or an obstacle course run, I’m no longer worried about whether I’m able to keep up. I feel like GameChanger has given me that confidence that I can keep up physically so I can enjoy whatever I’m doing in life.”

– Tim Norsworthy, Adult Athlete & Fit-Dad from Short Hills NJ

Lauren’s Down 60lbs in 7 Months!

“Before joining GameChanger, I belonged to a few different big chain gyms in the area and found myself burning out quickly.

After having my second baby, I knew I needed to do something different since I had significantly less time and significantly more work to do. I tried my typical route of running on the treadmill but I couldn’t find the motivation to do it since it wasn’t something I really enjoyed. I viewed it as a job that dreaded going to!

I saw some Facebook posts from GameChanger and was drawn to the idea of small group training that was modeled around personal training. I liked the idea of having personal attention, someone helping to monitor and progress my strength and plan customized and varied workouts that kept me motivated and challenged. I like that the formats of the class change so you really never get bored and I always leave feeling like I had a great workout.

I’ve been at GameChanger consistently for about seven months and have lost 60 lbs! I’ve also improved my strength across all exercises and muscle groups and can’t believe the difference it makes in my daily life. I am doing things I never thought I would be able to do and gamechanger is constantly pushing me to do more in a supportive way.

I love it here, not only because of my weight loss, but because it’s fun! I can honestly say that working out does not feel like a chore or a job or something that needs to be checked off my list. I look forward to coming and often find myself planning my days around my workouts. The coaches and members feel like family and friends. The coaches and staff make GameChanger an actual “game changer.” The environment is wonderful and inspiring.

GameChanger has made me feel great about myself again. As a full time working mother of 2 under 2 having the energy to keep up is hard. GameChanger’s workouts have helped give me the energy and stamina I need to be a great hands-on mom. It’s also made me feel confident about myself again. This isn’t just a gym to me – it’s now a lifestyle!”

– Lauren Nissan, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Westfield NJ

“I love being part of the GameChanger family.”

“I have been going to GameChanger for almost two years so far and it’s the best decision I’ve made.

I love coming to workout at GameChanger!

The trainers are wonderful. They are very knowledgeable and friendly.

They get to know each client personally.

They work hard and push each member to get the results they want with lots of encouragement and always making sure you have proper technique to avoid injury.

Since I joined GameChanger I have become so much stronger and in better shape. I love being part of the GameChanger family. I highly encourage anyone to join!”

– Josephine Walsh, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Scotch Plains NJ

“My youngest monster is upset ‘cause I’m no longer a fluffy pillow for her to rest on.”

“Before GameChanger, the last time I went to the gym was when ‘tweet’ was the sound a bird made, apple was still a fruit, and we had to go to a music store to buy an audio cassette of our favorite band’s latest album. From that time until just a few months ago when I started at GameChanger, my exercise consisted of ‘running’ from one meeting to another, stretching my arms to rescue a bottle of beer from the back of the refrigerator and squat and put my butt back so I can see my favorite ice cream in the freezer.

I was on the lookout for a place where I can take care of the years of lack and neglect, and I didn’t want a place where the most important piece of equipment were wall-to-wall mirrors, and for all the other equipment to occupy every square inch of the gym. I saw GameChanger pop up on my Facebook feed in January. I liked the simplistic gym setup, saw some of their pictures, and read a few reviews. I saved the link and told myself that if the urge to workout didn’t subside in 6 months and I don’t find something else, I’ll give them a try. I’m glad that the workout-itch didn’t die!

When I met Joe during our first session and he asked what my goals were I said I had 2 goals. 1. To come to the gym because I wanted to workout and 2. Not to puke in the middle of a workout. The coaches have been phenomenal in keeping me motivated and gradually pushing me to exert myself. Everyone knows everyone and as opposed to listening to music and looking at myself in a mirror, I get to work out with a fantastic and supportive group of people every session.

GameChanger is responsible for a lot of troubles in the Panjwani household. After 3 months:

  • My youngest monster is upset ‘cause I’m no longer a fluffy pillow for her to rest on.
  • My oldest monster is upset ‘cause when I drop her to school it looks like I’m wearing a donated suit which is 2 sizes bigger than what I should be wearing.
  • My wife is upset since my go-to excuse for not scratching off items from the ‘to-do list’ is ‘I can’t love have to go to the gym.’

So, thanks guys for screwing up my perfect life! ;-)”

– Vikram Panjwani, Adult Athlete from Westfield NJ

“GameChanger is absolutely the best place I have ever worked out in.”

“Nipa’s work ethic is phenomenal. Whatever the day’s workout may entail, she always shows up and completes her workout – and not just on “auto-pilot”, but on “overdrive.” She never backs down from a challenge and takes each opportunity to push herself. Last year, she had the chance to run a half-marathon, but had little mileage preceding the race. With her hard work at GameChanger, she not only completed the half-marathon, but beat her old record! How awesome is that!”

– Coach Mark Pieciak

“Nipa is always in a great mood. She always has a positive mindset every time she trains and always wants to get to the next level. She is a go-getter. I love training her.”

– Coach Pete Tachev

“Nipa is one of a kind. Whenever she walks in, she always has the biggest smile on her face, and her positive attitude can light up any room. She comes in every time and her hard work ethic will rub off on the people around her. Nipa is always striving to get better, and it shows with each and every workout.”

– Coach Mike Cirelli

“GameChanger is absolutely the best place I have ever worked out in. The workouts and coaches with their expertise on everything from injury prevention, nutrition, to motivation when you need it the most are life changing. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to not just get into shape but change how they approach working out and nutrition.”

– Nipa Alon, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Westfield

This Mom is Down 30lbs and Has a Healthier Family

Kerry’s one of our earliest fit-moms here at GameChanger. For all these years, despite having to go to work early every day, she has the diligence to come to train before-hand multiple times a week without fail.

When many people go to the gym, they’re fine with going through the motions and not pushing themselves much. Kerry on the other-hand always asks for a challenge and wants to work hard every time she’s here in the gym. Her consistency and intensity are her strongest attributes.

– Coach Robert Riccobono

“After being an athletic as a kid and young adult, the busyness of being a working mom got in the way of fitness over the past decade of my life. My energy levels had dropped, and I was feeling depressed about how I looked – I avoided mirrors and being in pictures.

Gina Black (a fellow long-time Fit-Mom) was talking about GameChanger and the Jumpstart she had participated in. She looked fantastic, so I decided to participate in it shortly after.

I really didn’t believe that I would have fun working out and getting in shape, but that’s the case now and is exactly why I love GameChanger.

Unlike many other gyms, the trainers get to know each client personally. They are super positive and create a safe, comfortable atmosphere. They work hard and push each member to get the results they want with lots of encouragement and a focus on proper technique to avoid injury.

I have lost a total of about 30 pounds since I first began two years ago.

My entire body is toned and muscular! I enjoy going shopping for clothes and being in pictures – & I no longer avoid mirrors. I even enjoy wearing sleeveless tops now.

More importantly, my energy level has skyrocketed. I am able to move through life with far greater ease and confidence. My nutrition has also vastly improved after working with the trainers at GameChanger. My entire family is eating healthier as a result. I will never go back to being who I was before I began GameChanger.”

– Kerry Lyman, Adult Athlete & Fit-Mom from Cranford NJ

“It’s worth every penny!”

“Gina has brought great enthusiasm to every early morning class she’s come to, ever since I first met her 3 years ago. She always works so hard – we are to lucky to have her as part of the family!”

– Coach Rob Riccobono

“Gina’s dedication is admirable. She consistently shows up early in the morning with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. Her positive attitude and energy add a lot to each class.”

– Coach Liz Murray

“Working out at GameChanger is just the best! I actually look forward to waking up at 5 am to get to my class and workout! The trainers are not only really great at tailoring the class to each individual’s need, but also amazing at making it fun and effective. The community of the other members in the gym cannot be compared to anywhere else. It really feels like you are part of a family, and you are getting some awesome health benefits at the same time! I cannot recommend them enough. It’s worth every penny :)”

– Gina Digioa, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Springfield NJ

“I have been in remission with my Crohn’s for at least a year now!”

“Years lapsed, literally, before I joined GameChanger back in the May of 2016.

To make a really long story short, I have Crohn’s disease and was VERY sick in 2012. God enabled me to carry two precious gifts, Eva and Lia, almost to term the previous year. But soon after they were born, I had some major problems with my Crohn’s. I needed to have part of my intestines resected (cut out) and after numerous hospitalizations and set-backs, I was finally on a road to recovery some time after 2014. I had lost so much weight and felt so weak, I knew I had to do something to regain my strength and stamina… one day. I also had limited range of motion in my wrist from a car accidents many years ago and the beginning of osteoarthritis in one of my knees. I knew I was getting older, but I refused to feel like 80 when I was only in my 40’s!

Slowly I began to walk my dogs (we have 3!) and gain weight. I returned to work full-time and was able to finish my Masters’ and become a Family Nurse Practitioner -a dream of mine for so long. Soon, I was back on track with most of my life, however, I still knew that physically I was nowhere near where I should be or wanted to be. I saw GameChanger on Facebook one day and decided to give Joe the call that got things started.

What drew me to GameChanger was the personal attention and expertise that not only Joe, but the entire GameChanger team had when it came to fitness – on all levels – whether beginner or advanced. I knew I could count on them to guide me and walk me through all the exercises without exacerbating my previous injuries or causing new injury to me. I liked the idea of group training sessions and how everyone was so supportive of each other.

Since being with GameChanger, I’ve noticed increased muscle tone and increased strength. I’ve also noticed that my knee issues have improved as well. Since training also has helped to decrease my stress, I believe it is also one of the reasons I have been in remission with my Crohn’s for at least a year now! 🙂

Over time, my strength has increased significantly and I feel so much better than I ever thought I could given my medical history and age. I am in better shape now than I was in my 20’s!

Not only has GameChanger helped me physically, but it has been a tremendous source of stress relief for me. After (or before) a demanding day at work (I work in the field of child maltreatment), focusing on either finishing a fat-burn station and session or increasing the weight I can press, has more benefits than I ever imagined. The coaches are top-notch and experts in their field. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have been part of this awesome GameChanger family.”

– Felicia Greulich, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Springfield NJ

“I’m going to rock that bikini solid in December!”

“Hands down, GameChanger is the best gym I’ve EVER been to.

I’ve been coming here for about a year now and have shed 20 lbs, gone down 2 clothing sizes, and most importantly I’m starting to turn heads again (this is the best part for sure)!

I am healthier than I have been in years!!

With several significant milestone events on my horizon within the next few months (turning 60 and married 25), I am proud of my positive physical and emotional changes for the better. I’m going to rock that bikini solid in December!

Thanks to all of the coaches/trainers and many new friends that encourage and motivate me daily!

I LOVE my transformation, thank you to all of the GameChanger staff for their support, laughs, and love!”

– Susan Gould, Adult Athlete from Short Hills NJ

“I am more mobile and agile than I’ve been in years. My flexibility might be the best it’s ever been.”

“Before GameChanger, I was going to LifeTime Fitness in Berkeley Heights. My Mother brought me to GameChanger, but what drew me was bettering my situation and making a life change.

Working out had always been a dread in my life. But for several reasons, GameChanger has made fitness be a part of my daily routine and even something I look forward to. The staff at GameChanger is both friendly and knowledgeable, and they know everyone’s name. They actually listen to you and provide alternate workouts to work around any injuries or discomfort.

Being here has been a GameChanger for me. I am more mobile and agile than I’ve been in years. My flexibility might be the best it’s ever been. But most importantly, I was given a menu of healthy and smart food options, and started looking at food differently. The diet modifications might be the most significant help that GameChanger provided me.

GameChanger has completely changed my life. I was in a bad place. A combination of being unmotivated, uninformed, hopeless, and most of all unhappy. I thought it was going to be impossible for my situation to improve. After only 1 month, I am now energized, flexible, and eating smart. I feel so much better! The best part is I am now able to enjoy my life and am not limited by my fitness.

I am only 24, but there were days I felt double my age. GameChanger provided me with simple, yet incredibly effective tools to achieve my goals of losing weight, eating smart, and feeling better. Thank you GameChanger!”

– John Randazzo, Adult Athlete from Linden NJ

“It’s made me fitter, given more energy, and has been a huge stress reliever.”

“I found GameChanger through Facebook. I needed to get in shape and get strong.

Cardio wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. I needed to change up the routine.

I am so much stronger now! I don’t feel like I have wiggly arms anymore. It really is a “happy place” for me.

Unlike when I went to other gyms in the past I feel guilty when I don’t go to GameChanger – I just miss it!

When I’m here, I get to zone out and focus only on me for 45 minutes.

It’s made me fitter, given more energy, and has been a huge stress reliever.”

– Monica Ward, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Fanwood NJ

“Everyone should make GameChanger part of their life!”

“Before joining Gamechanger, I was going to the same local gym for 22 years. I was always very dedicated with my workouts and always went consistently. However, I only used cardio machines, because no one had ever showed me how to perform weight training properly.

I kept on seeing Gamechanger online – I knew my friend Andrea Block was a member, so I asked her about it, and she said she loved it! So in May of 2016, I came in and met with Joe. He explained how the classes work to me. He told me the classes are on a small scale, so I’d be getting the personal attention and the help I needed.

From day one, all of the coaches have always made me feel comfortable and extremely welcome. Everyone knew my name immediately! They always make the workouts fun, different and interesting! I always look forward to going to my classes, and I get the personal attention I need. Now I’m using the weights correctly and I’m proud of the strength I have achieved in my arms and legs!

Before joining Gamechanger, I didn’t have the confidence, the knowledge, or the strength I needed to lift weights! Now it’s something I’m improving at each day and I enjoy! I’m proud of myself for staying with it, and working so hard to achieve my goals!

I go to the 6:30 AM class Monday through Friday before I go to work, and the 7:00 AM class on Saturday. I’ve lost 13 lbs and several inches since I joined! I’m eating healthier, and making much better food choices! I love my GameChanger family! This gym is AMAZING , and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!! Everyone should make GameChanger part of their life!”

– Marci Grossman, Adult Athlete & Fit-Mom from Springfield NJ

“I’m healthier than I otherwise would have been.”

I didn’t belong anywhere before GameChanger & I hadn’t worked out consistently for years. I didn’t realize how out of shape I had gotten until joining GameChanger.

I found GameChanger’s Adult Fitness Program and decide to call them up. I talked to Joe, went to a one-on-one session,and liked everything about their message and focus.

Aside from being in better shape, I feel confident. Not only just in general, but specifically that I am able to do more. I want to go (Although other commitments still get in the way more than I would like) and always feel better when I’m able to go to a workout

I’m healthier than I otherwise would have been. I’m able to keep up with my kids and as they have gotten older they have an understanding and appreciation for fitness that I would not have been able to give them if I was just sitting on the couch. Also, last year I did my first ever sprint triathlon, which I would have never considered before GameChanger.

– Will Madden, Fit Dad & Adult Athlete from Fanwood NJ

“I KNOW I will reach my goals here at this gym!”

“Before GameChanger, I was working out at a commercial gym.

What I like most about GameChanger are the classes and the individualized attention. And my friend Marci Grossman has been a member for over a year and she looks amazing!

I love the way all the trainers know everyone’s names. The camaraderie of trainers and members is truly amazing. I love how everyone is so supportive!

I unfortunately got really sick the second week into my trial and missed almost two weeks. I was so surprised with how understanding Christina and Joe were and how they extended my trial period.

I am starting to feel stronger and more motivated to make changes in how often and how hard I work out. I KNOW I will reach my goals here at this gym!

It’s too soon to tell, but I believe that this is the place that will help me finally attain the goals I have set for myself!”

– Randi Ostry, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Springfield NJ

“I’m almost 10 pounds lighter.”

“My daughter Ali and my wife Claudine have been members at GameChanger for quite some time before I joined. They always raved about how awesome the gym was. I saw the results they were having so I wanted to get in the action.

At GameChanger, it’s a more personalized experience. As soon as I walked in, I felt like part of a family. Every coach knows my name and always welcomes me, as well as everyone else, with a smile and a positive attitude.

I’ve been training at GameChanger for a month and I’ve noticed a significant difference. I’m almost 10 pounds lighter, I feel much stronger, and my clothes fit better.

I really notice it on the soccer field, too. I play in a recreational league every Sunday morning as a goalkeeper. I’m faster off my line and quicker to the ball. I’ll always look forward to training at GameChanger!”

– Michael Pinho, Adult Athlete & Fit-Dad from Springfield NJ

“Working Out Has Become a Priority for Me”

“I have been going to GameChanger Strength & Performance for a little over a year now and I LOVE it!

I so look forward to working out to see and feel my progress/results. Very convenient flexibility in classes from morning to evening, which is great! Working out has become a priority for me. All of the coaches are extraordinaire. They keep you on track and push you to your limits.

There are so many different, effective workouts – it makes the experience so much fun! I never know what to expect when I start a class but I know for sure it will be a good one & I will love it. After it’s done I always feel so accomplished (‘yes, I did it!’) The place is a very clean, neat and organized gym! It’s a family at GameChanger and I’m hooked!”

– Framy Garcia, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Roselle Park

“Since joining, we have seen our strength and overall fitness improve.”

Both my mom and I have been going to GameChanger for over a year.

We couldn’t be happier with our experience!

We were both looking to change up our workout routines, and the mix of weight training and fat burn workouts at GameChanger did exactly that.

Not only are the trainers knowledgeable and experienced, but they are incredibly nice and make every member feel valued.

Since joining, we have seen our strength and overall fitness improve, and we would highly recommend GameChanger to anyone, whether you have been working out for years or have never worked out before in your life!

– Mia Rossi, Adult Athlete from Scotch Plains NJ

“I have lost ten pounds and I feel stronger every day.”

I played tennis with a current member and was speaking with him general fitness goals and that I was looking for a gym that offered a more personalized program. He suggested that I get in touch with Joe and discuss my goals. And I did…

GameChanger has been a great fit for me. Besides the innovative workout programs, what I am most am impressed by is the positive, supportive and motivating environment that Joe and his expert coaches are able to maintain. Never looked forward to going to the my other gym but love knowing that when I go GameChanger, my workout has already been planned, will be high intensity and I will be done in 45 minutes. And love the mobile app!

Since my first class on June 7th, I have lost ten pounds and I feel stronger every day. I have more energy, feel more alert, have more confidence and I am sleeping better than I have in years. Never thought I would ever wake up at 5AM to workout but thanks to the team GameChanger I look forward to it. And my family, friends and co-workers have definitely noticed!

– Paul Rama, Fit Dad & Adult Athlete from Clark NJ

“GameChanger has me living a healthy life again.”

“I had not actively worked out in over 3-4 years. Before that, I had worked out at a conventional gym and many years ago (before children) I was into martial arts.

My wife had been a member of GameChanger before and introduced it to me. I liked the idea of some kind of structured training when she explained it to me. It is hard to stay focused and motivated while working completely on your own at a conventional gym, so I thought it sounded worthwhile and gave it a try.

GameChanger has been an awesome experience so far. I like the small group training – you get quick, focused workouts and you’re kept motivated the whole. Also, I have to mention all the trainers – they really create an inviting vibe and make you that feel like you’re part of something.

GameChanger has me living a healthy life again. I’m watching what I’m eating, I’m exercising, and I’m feeling more energized again.”

– Dom Digioia, Fit-Dad & Adult Athlete from Springfield NJ

“The coaches drive me to challenge myself.”

“Before GameChanger, I had been at different places. But I was mostly, and still do, run outdoors and consistently train for 10K and half marathons.

I noticed GameChanger through Facebook and I read how it worked for others. After the first one-on-one, I knew I wanted to give GameChanger a try.

The attention to form and the coaches’ constant personal evaluation of strength during small group trainings are definite plusses. The Fat Burn classes are wonderful high intensity interval training classes which seem to work well for me. A big difference I see is how the coaches drive me to challenge myself – I started to lift weights, something I never thought I would ever do.

If I let myself slack with the training, the coaches immediately notice (and remind me to push myself). I’m evaluating how the strength training will help my running and already see improvements!

The workouts and schedule fit well with my life, too. There are abundance of classes starting very early in the morning which works well for me. There’s always a very good group of other members and coaches to work with, making it a fun environment be in and starting my day with.”

– Nihal Tugcu, Adult Athlete from Westfield NJ

Maryann Has Not Only Improved Her Fitness, But Her Consistency

“Maryann has been one of our most valued members for over 3 years now. As time has gone on she has not only gotten stronger and improved her fitness, but she has become more and more consistent.

And even with her progress, I think Maryann gives more to GameChanger than we could ever give to her. Starting her training sessions almost exclusively between 5-5:45am, Maryann always brings a positive vibe to those early sessions that we could never produce without her.”

– Coach Rob Riccobono

“I have had many gym memberships before GameChanger. I would go for a few months and then just stop.

I am happy to say I have been coming to GameChanger for almost 3 years, am up to 3, 4 sometimes 5 times a week AND usually come at 5:45am because I can’t fit in anywhere else in my schedule.

This sounds insane I know, but this gym is different. All the trainers are excellent. They have group strength classes but it feels like you are getting your own personal workout. A beginner can be in the same class as someone who has been there a year and both will get the training they need to get stronger. The fat burn classes really make you sweat. The nutrition program works.

When you walk in the trainers always greet you with a friendly face and everyone knows your name. The different challenges are a great way to try out everything GameChanger offers. I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been. I don’t go for a week and I miss it. It’s crazy!”

– Maryann Skalski, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Cranford

“I am so happy to be healthy again.”

“Before I started out at GameChanger, I was doing a variety of different classes at multiple gyms and studios. But one day, I saw found GameChanger online and decided try one of their challenges.

In the first month there, I realized how out of shape I was. I was not strong and the classes were extremely hard! I then learned that I needed to commit to the program if I wanted to see results. But that was what I loved about Gamechanger… all I had to do was show up and the coaches would take it from there!

Each time I come in, it’s a quick & productive 45 minutes of training that I would never do on my own. I have been training for over a year now and I see a significant change in my strength, endurance, and overall shape of my body!

After having three kids (in less than three years) I could not recognize myself in the mirror! I am so happy to be healthy again.

Working out at GameChanger helps me keep up with the kid’s active lifestyle. I have more energy on days that I exercise and feel a better overall sense of well being! It’s fun to be a fit mom!”

– Renee Rapuano, Fit-Mom from Westfield NJ

Tony is Down 40 Lbs

“GameChanger is exactly as advertised – changing! I started back in January and in 6 months I have dropped over 40 pounds.

I have done many gyms and many trainers in my 40+ years and this one is hands down the most effective I’ve experienced.

The small group training combined with their fat burn group classes is a formula for success for anyone, in any condition. I started very out-of-shape and very overweight, and had all the excuses not to start but the coaches really personalized my course of action and have continued to be apart of my daily routine.

My favorite part is that it’s only 45 minutes of coached training every time. You are never left alone or really have to think – they have your personal program ready when you walk in and 45 minutes later you walk out – it’s done and you didn’t have to do anything but show up. For me, with a crazy busy schedule – that is exactly what I need and continue to look forward to.

They have lots of classes going all the time so I can always find time to get there, whether it’s 5AM or 8PM or somewhere in between. The other members are really great too. There are no egos or meathead mentalities. Just a group full of people with like-minded goals of getting fit and feeling better.”

– Tony Johnson, Fit Dad from Westfield NJ

These Sisters Got In Shape Together

“I tried a variety of gyms before GameChanger, but was never motivated to stay long enough. I was at a point in my life I knew I had to do something.

I was initially drawn to GameChanger when I found them on Facebook and was intrigued with what they had to offer.

I’ll be honest – I was extremely intimidated when I first came into Gamechanger. I was worried I couldn’t do it given the condition I was in and my age – to the point I dragged my sister with me for support. After the initial consultation, we decided to give this a try, after all it was just 3 weeks.

It is now about a year later. GameChanger is just a completely different experience, unlike any other place I have ever worked out in and very grateful to have found it. I credit all the coaches for their support, encouragement and patience which make this gym a place you look forward to going to.

Now that I’ve been at GameChanger for about one year, I can say that I feel so much better.

I am much stronger, have more energy, stand straighter, and am more fit than I was in the past. I no longer feel like I can’t do this, I just tell myself keep trying and eventually you will. It has become a second family and I tell people about it all the time!”

– Martha Marra, Fit-Mom from Springfield NJ

“My sister Martha was the one who found out about GameChanger. To be honest, she literally dragged me with her to the initial consultation she had set up. I had just gotten through a medical issue, was still feeling and drained and tired post treatment. Joining a gym was the last thing on my mind.

Before starting GameChanger, I had severe neck pain and a bum arm. I can honestly say my neck pain is now almost non existent. Although I still have a bum arm, I have realized I can do more with it than I thought possible.

Before, I would start up a gym and not stick to it – either due to feeling out of place or not confident I could do the workout.

At GameChanger, I did not give up. It’s a testament to the gym and the trainers for making the experience positive and embracing all fitness levels.

I enjoy the workouts and love the feeling of pushing past the limits I had somehow unconsciously set for myself. My confidence in my ability has grown: now rather than feeling like I don’t measure up, I am ready to try until I get it. I walk with my back a little straighter (literally and figuratively) and my head a little higher than before. It’s translated into the way I hold myself and talk to others.

I am definitely much stronger physically and now and love working out.

Thank you, GameChanger.”

– Mary Chiera, Fit-Mom from New Providence NJ

“I’ve lost 12 lbs since I’ve been here.”

“Before GameChanger, I tried every diet and every fitness plan out there. But, most recently I belonged to a chain gym that was down the block from my house and I also had a home gym in my house that my father in law bought for me after my son was born.

I thought, there’s no way I can make excuses now – a gym two minutes away and gym equipment literally in my house, how could I not work out?

Well, it’s easy to make excuses when you don’t enjoy it. I didn’t have fun at the gym and I didn’t like working out alone at home so I couldn’t remain consistent. I was throwing away $20 a month to the gym, my home equipment collected dust and I was unhappy with myself that I couldn’t just find that motivation that I needed.

I started seeing GameChanger on Facebook and their 21 Day Jumpstart for busy moms, they caught my attention. I contacted Joe and he told me to come down to the gym. When I first met Joe he seemed very knowledgeable and genuine – which was even more important to me. I got the feeling that he really did want to help me reach my goals and not just sell me a membership.

While I still don’t necessarily love working out, I love going to GameChanger! I love it because it’s different than just going to a regular gym and working out on the machines or taking a class. It’s actually fun – I look forward to my 45 minutes there.

I think the trainers are a big part of that. They are all so nice and friendly. They make an effort to get to know you and make you feel comfortable. They also take all the guess work out for you. When I show up for a session they tell me what exercises to do and what weight to use. They keep track of the weights I’ve been lifting so I don’t have to remember anything which is awesome! I work full time and have a toddler so the less I need to remember the better. They also push me much more than I’d ever push myself which is great because I’ve seen so many positive changes in my body.

GameChanger is the first gym that I’ve ever remained consistent with.

I’ve been going for almost a year and the only time I miss a day is if I don’t have childcare or if I have a work commitment. I’ve lost 12 lbs since I’ve been here and I’m finally in my pre-pregnancy clothes again. I’m stronger, have more energy and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. I want to be a positive role model to my son and I want him to see how important it is to be healthy and be active. If it wasn’t for GameChanger I wouldn’t be able to achieve that goal for myself or for my son.”

– Michelle Delmonico, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Garwood NJ

“People are amazed by my progress.”

“I had never been very active or athletic and after college I hit over 350 pounds, which was twice the weight of some of my friends. I wasn’t very happy about it, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do about it.

My brother Alec started going to GameChanger before me and I was amazed by his progress. He lost a lot of weight and was in better shape than I could imagine. I figured if I could get results nearly as good as his I would be much happier with myself. I started eating a little better and when I lost a few pounds from diet alone I decided I needed to add strength training to take it to the next level.

When I started out the biggest change I noticed was flexibility and stamina. Normal daily tasks used to be difficult or even exhausting, but over time they became effortless. Now that I’ve been going for 10 months I’ve noticed big changes in my athletic ability, strength, and body image.

Biggest change has been the compliments. I was not used to receiving compliments about my appearance. Now it’s fun because people are amazed by my progress and it’s fun to talk about what I’ve been doing. This has been a big boost to my self-esteem and made me want to push myself to be in better shape and more athletic.”

– Paul Piscitelli, Adult Athlete from Union NJ

“It’s brought balance back into my life.”

I knew Annie would have success from day 1. The first time we spoke, I immediately saw how diligent and hard working she is, and she has sustained that same work ethic ever since.

She’s made impressive gains in strength and her overall fitness in a short amount of time, and she has earned every bit of it. For anyone who wants to know the kind of attitude needed to make progress, take a look at Annie and you’ll see exactly what you need to do.

– Coach Rob Riccobono

“My family and I moved to New Jersey in the August of 2015 and at the time, I was occasionally going to the Y or occasionally working out at home – and by occasionally, I mean not at all 🙂

I saw GameChanger on Facebook and decided to try their trial. Before moving to NJ, I had a pretty disciplined routine that had fallen to the wayside after the big move and I knew I needed a kick in the tush to get started again.

I’ve loved my experience with GameChanger. The group dynamic and coaching pushes you to go outside what you “know” you can do. Overcoming those little weekly challenges, such as 5 more pounds or a shorter rest, makes working out more meaningful!

I get to feel accomplished with my day before the rest of my family is even out of bed!

I used to be a night owl and worked from home once the kids went to bed. Now, I go to bed early and get up before the sun rises.

It’s brought balance back into my life that I didn’t even realize I was missing. I don’t feel guilty for making myself a priority and realize more than before that ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. “

– Annie Russo, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Summit NJ

“45 minutes is a small part of my entire day, but it’s one of the most important parts of my day and GameChanger makes it count!”

I was a member of my local YMCA for 10+ years but I rarely worked out there and only occasionally participated in the fitness classes. I also used to run regularly, but I noticed I had to run farther and longer to see any noticeable results.

I found GameChanger on Facebook and saw information for their Jumpstart. The program for “Fit Moms” appealed to me because I wanted to be a Fit Mom!

I like working out at GameChanger because the scheduling makes you commit to a time to workout. I also know that I need to do strength training for the health benefits and fat loss.

At GameChanger, there are great coaches that create workouts and monitor your form versus other gyms that have a lot of machines that you may or may not use properly.

I enjoy the 45-minute workouts. They’re the right length of time and are very effective.

The hours of operation are suitable to my schedule, with early morning and late evening workouts. 45 minutes is a small part of my entire day, but it’s one of the most important parts of my day and GameChanger makes it count!

– Tracey Jennifer, Fit-Mom from Fanwood NJ

“This place changed my life!”

“This place changed my life!

I’ve struggled with herniated discs, pain, weakness, weight gain and all the emotions that go along with that since I was 21 yrs old. GameChanger is the first place, & these are the first coaches, who have been able to lead me to success in ALL areas of my health & fitness.

I have been working with them for 3 years now and I can’t emphasize enough how much I love it! Because of them, I participated in and completed the Iron Girl Triathalon Sprint in 2015 . I had been longing to do it for at least a decade, but never had the confidence that I could handle it physically before GameChanger.

On top of that, my son had been in more therapies than I can list for fine & gross motor delays, low muscle tone, core strength, neuromotor sensory, etc. We’ve also had him in different sports and exercise & conditioning classes throughout the years. These coaches are THE BEST around. HE LOVES GOING and has made improvements over the last few years that would make any mom cry.

Shortly after starting at GameChanger, his summer swim team coach said he looked like a different kid, and he received a “Most Improved” award at the end of the season.

The best part has been seeing his confidence grow in his physical ability. He participated in, and completed his first triathlon, the Springfield Kids Triathlon, Labor Day Weekend back in 2015.

Around that time, he and I also ran the Springfield’s 5K, and his time was 17 MINUTES FASTER than the one he did the year before year, pre-GameChanger!! Thank you from the very bottom of this (Fit) Mom’s heart!”

– Fit-Mom Andrea Korb from Springfield NJ

“I’ve lost inches off my waist, am sleeping better, and have more energy.”

“Before GameChanger, I was going to a local commercial gym here in Springfield, NJ.

After surviving cancer and with just turning fifty-five, I wanted smarter workouts. I wanted to feel strong and look good. My overall health is important to me and I needed to make time for it now.

By surrounding myself with people who had similar goals made it easier to continue. I met very motivating and energetic trainers who would push me.

I’ve been coming to GameChanger since January and it’s honestly one of the best training experience I ever had. I’m developing and toning my muscles. I’m eating more protein and less processed food and have committed to home cooked meals. Just by making simple changes in my lifestyle I’ve lost inches off my waist, am sleeping better, and have more energy.

It’s hard to find time in the work-week to focus on yourself, but a thirty minute or 45 minute session has become routine. The classes are challenging but I love the way I feel after a workout. Exercise is the one thing that feels good both mentally and physically.”

– Terri Herlihy, Adult Athlete from Springfield NJ

“I’ve never felt nor looked as healthy as I do now!”

I was stuck in a boring routine at a commercial gym. I had no clue as to what exercises to do, how to do them properly and not hurt myself in the meantime. I had no energy, strength or healthy diet plan.

I was 20 lbs. overweight and had high blood pressure.

I kept seeing the information for GameChanger on Facebook. I saw people of all ages and sizes looking as if they were really enjoying the workouts. I was impressed with their success stories. I wanted to commit right after I enrolled in the 21 Day Jumpstart. I was immediately drawn to the personal training I received.

Every trainer helps me immensely. They are very friendly and professional while making the workouts fun.

I’ve been coming to GameChanger since last July. My experience at GameChanger has only been positive. Not only have I lost 18 lbs, but I recently had the best doctors checkup ever! My blood pressure is now a perfect 120/80 ! My doctor said she’s never seen me look so healthy and fit before.

This experience is life changing for me. I’ve never felt nor looked as healthy as I do now! It is truly the best thing I could have done for myself. I look forward to every visit and different exercises. It’s a wonderful, friendly group too. We are GameChanger Family!

GameChanger has only changed my life for the better. I’m stronger, have more energy and eat healthier. My children are very proud of my success and dedication to staying healthy and fit.

I can actually see a huge difference in my appearance. My entire body has muscles that were never there before! With the guidance from the trainers, I am no longer afraid of hurting myself by doing an exercise incorrectly. They are right by your side to assist you and correct you. I can honestly say I’m a happier, healthier person to this day.

– Karen Keane, Fit-Mom from Garwood NJ

“I feel less stressed at work, have more energy to play with my kids and am back to a healthy lifestyle!”

“Before I joined GameChanger I had a membership at a local gym and a home gym in my garage but I wasn’t using them.

I was looking at some Facebook posts one day and a friend who is a GameChanger member had shared the link to GameChanger Gym. I took a look at their website and was intrigued by the programs and the fact that I could try it out for a couple weeks with their Jumpstart program.

I came in to meet with Joe, the owner, to discuss what my goals were and check out the gym. Meeting with Joe is what drew me to GameChanger. I was checking out other gyms and programs but GameChanger was different. The fact that Joe was truly honest with me from the start about my goals and was focused on proper nutrition instead of supplements or special diets is what got me onboard.

During the first week of the Jumpstart program I knew I had found the right fit for me and my experience at GameChanger has been great! The coaches are fantastic and really motivate me. In less than 2 months, I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my strength, energy level and the way my clothes fit me. Being sore feels good again!

Working out at GameChanger has been a great decision and I look forward to every workout. I feel less stressed at work, have more energy to play with my kids and am back to a healthy lifestyle!”

– Steve Baker, Adult Athlete & Fit-Dad from Garwood NJ

“I feel like I am a better role model to my kids nowadays.”

“Colleen started training with us last fall and she has been such a pleasure to work with.

Colleen never fails to impress me with her hard work. She shows up early to every workout, always puts her best effort into everything, & her attention to detail is second to none.

Despite her only being with us for a few months, her strength & fitness has gone up through the roof, and she’s still making progress every single time I train with her.”

– GameChanger Coach Mark Pieciak

“Before coming to GameChanger, I was working out at a local Crunch Fitness gym.

Terri Kandel introduced me – what’s drawn me in has been the individual attention they provide.

GameChanger has been great! I have attended more workouts here in the last few weeks than I have in the past few years at other gyms.

I am a much more active mother today and have more energy. I feel like I am a better role model to my kids nowadays.”

– Fit-Mom from Cranford, Colleen DiDomenico

“ I am so much stronger and more fit than I was in the past. Plus, I am down 12 lbs.”

“I have been to a few different places over the years. I didn’t start exercising regularly until my early 30’s and went to group exercise classes for a long time. They were fun and good for cardio but didn’t help me to gain strength (which I didn’t realize was so important at the time).

A couple of years ago I started going to one of the commercial gyms and worked with a personal trainer and used the weight machines. It was great for a while but then I stopped using the trainer and just did my own workouts, which got boring very fast. I felt I was stagnating in my workouts and I knew I needed to find something else that would challenge me and keep me motivated.

I kept seeing the ads on Facebook and was very curious to try the Jumpstart. I really didn’t know anyone who went to GameChanger so I wasn’t sure about it, but when I met with Joe, I was immediately impressed with him and the whole program. I decided to try it and went as many days as I could during the Jumpstart and by the end, I was hooked.

Also, once I started going, I was very impressed with the level of communication from Joe and the other staff members. Having your trainer email you fitness or nutrition tips, or just check in to see how you’re doing, is a great motivator and just a generally nice personal touch.

I was extremely intimidated when I first started. Everybody seemed to know each other well and the weights seemed huge to me! The prowlers were unlike anything I had ever seen before. I had no idea what I was doing but it didn’t matter. I just did whatever the trainers told me to do and I was fine. I don’t really consider myself an athlete. I play tennis regularly and have had some level of fitness for almost 20 years (or so I thought), but I never thought I would be lifting the weights I am lifting and doing the workouts I do every day. GameChanger is just a completely different, and awesome, experience, unlike any other place I have ever worked out in!

Now that I’ve been at GameChanger for over a year, I can say that I feel like a different person. I am so much stronger and more fit than I was in the past. Plus, I am down 12 lbs since this February.

I can’t say enough about the trainers and how wonderful they are. They know exactly what my issues and injuries are and work with me so that I still get a great workout. They also challenge me to keep working harder and continue to make more progress. My tennis game has also improved, as I am stronger when hitting the ball and I can move faster on the court.

The other thing I think is great is the way they bring in interns and get them involved in the everyday activities of the gym. They train them, let them run their own workouts and get great experience they will use in their own careers. GameChanger also gives back to the community with fundraising workouts, which I have not seen anywhere else.

I train at GameChanger 5 days a week because I am now committed to my own health and fitness. But, I also like to eat, so I know I have to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am so glad I found GameChanger because they are just as committed as I am. The level of support is beyond anything I expected and I continue to be challenged with every workout. They put just as much effort in as I do, which I appreciate.

I have met some great people at GameChanger and truly feel part of the family there. When you’re not there for a few days, people want to know where you are. Everyone supports each other. There are all levels of fitness and we are all working to improve ourselves, and the GameChanger team is there to help us every step of the way.”

– Mary Sterling, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Cranford NJ

“I no longer dread going to work out, in fact, I look forward to it.”

Prior to GameChanger, I would only work out sporadically at the YMCA.

I was introduced to GameChanger by Dave Dietzel who easily sold me on the Jumpstart. I was drawn in by the idea of small group personal training and the fact that it was geared toward busy adults and parents.

My time here has been great from day one. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging. I no longer dread going to work out, in fact, I look forward to it.

The trainers know how to push you just the right amount so that you feel like you worked out and still be able to come back and do it again.

Thus far, I’m feeling stronger and more energized than I have in quite a while. I’m looking forward to how I’ll feel after just a few months of this program.

– Glenn Forrester, Fit-Dad from Berkeley Heights

“It’s all too easy to have low self-esteem… But when you start to exercise and see your body transform, that can quickly change.”

“Before I found GameChanger, I basically spent a month or two looking into programs and gyms but never could actually pull the trigger to try anything.

As the weather was getting cold and I could not longer go for walks after school, I knew I needed to make a change and that was when I chose GameChanger. I was just feeling sluggish, my clothes were getting tight, the holidays were quickly approaching, and I felt ready to make the change.

I kept seeing buzz for GameChanger online and wanted to learn more. I noticed that two of my friends (Lorena Barbosa and Terri Hecht) were members and I reached out to them to get some feedback – of course, they both gave glowing reviews.

Once I met with Joe for my initial meeting, I knew the Jumpstart was something I needed.

I started with Jumpstart, but within the first week I knew GameChanger provided a program that worked for me.

The first thing I noticed is how friendly everyone is and how quickly the trainers are able to learn everyone’s name.

The second thing that was an immediate draw for me is that from the minute I walk in I am told what exercises to do – & the instructors are very knowledgeable and really keep an eye on your form.

The third difference – one I feel most important – is that all the exercises are individualized to meet my level of fitness & ability, and the coaches push you just enough so after class you will know what muscles you worked, but not so much that you are so sore and can’t walk.

Before GameChanger, I was not feeling good about my body or how I looked – it’s all too easy to have low self-esteem. That can have a negative effect on all areas of your life including, your career, and your goals and aspirations. But when you start to exercise and see your body transform, that can quickly change.

Since joining Game Changer I feel stronger and although I am still a “newbie” there’s nothing like a boost in confidence to increase overall happiness. Summer bodies are made in the winter – I am going to finally put in the hard work now so I can feel better when I put on my summer clothes.”

– Mary-Eileen Fay, Fit-Mom from Westfield NJ

“I feel so much better already and it’s only been six weeks.”

“I was one of those people that tried every ‘fad diet’ and workout that was out there, but was never able to stick with it. Whether it was just being exhausted after work, being super busy, or just not seeing results I was hoping for, the motivation always kind of faded.

What’d usually happen was that I’d get home after a long day and decide to relax or push back a workout until it’d never happen.

My mom joined Gamechanger about a year ago. She talked about it all the time, so I decided to try the Jumpstart.

I was initially attracted to it because GameChanger’s classes cater to people’s work schedules. I work six days a week so it wasn’t always easy for me to find a gym that had classes when I was free. The availability of classes, the individualization of programs, and the personal-free that my mom always talked about really drew me to this gym.

The experience at this gym has been amazing so far. The staff is friendly and motivated and they really take the time to personalize workouts for every person that joins.

I’ve been a member now for about 6 weeks (at the time of writing) and I already see a difference in my energy level and strength. Having the guidance that the trainers give you, plus the convenient schedule, has really helped me realize that I can reach my goals and make myself a better, healthier person.

I haven’t been this motivated to get into the gym and train in a very long time. I feel so much better already and it’s only been six weeks. My strength and energy levels are better than they’ve been in a long time and I feel great. My confidence is up and I’m more productive. I can’t wait to see what happens as I continue further. I know this gym and the trainers will help make me the person I always knew I could be.”

– Joe Marra, Adult Athlete from Union NJ

“Thanks to the trainers and my fellow workout friends pushing me, I have gotten much stronger and in much better shape.”

“I wasn’t training anywhere before GameChanger, although I played golf and tennis. I really didn’t like to work out at a gym.

I saw GameChanger on Facebook a bunch of times and decided to do the Jumpstart and I have been here ever since.

The GameChanger experience has been great for me. I started doing Fat Burn and Small Group Training sessions a few times a week. Over the last few months, I started going around 5 times a week and doing 3 days of Small Group Training or Barbell Club. Thanks to the trainers and my fellow workout friends pushing me, I have gotten much stronger and in much better shape.

Since I joined GameChanger, I have lost weight and gotten much stronger. I have met some wonderful people that I would not have met otherwise. Now, I go to the gym regularly and I feel better about myself. My daughter now goes to the gym more often. I really enjoy my time at GameChanger and look forward to going to the gym.”

– Jim Coan, Fit-Dad from Cranford NJ

“I have lost 15 lbs, my muscles feel tighter, my clothes fit better, and I am stronger by far. “

“Until I found GameChanger, I wasn’t working out!

Knowing that I was unfit, sluggish, and about 35-40 lbs above my ideal weight, I felt I needed to do something. I was gently prodded to try out GameChanger by my dear friend Kim Ventisette (another Adult Athlete here at the gym!)

My time at GameChanger has been awesome!

I have lost 15 lbs, my muscles feel tighter, my clothes fit better, and I am stronger by far. The coaches here have been incredibly supportive, and with their help, I hope to keep moving in the right direction.

My kids are my biggest cheerleaders!

Apparently, they love me just the way I am, but we have discussed how losing weight is not something to do with appearance alone, but rather something that will give them a stronger, healthier, and happier mom. And this is why I keep coming back to GameChanger.”

– Jayani Alles, Fit-Mom from Springfield NJ

“Of all the gyms I’ve tried recently, GameChanger is by far the BEST around!”

“Before GameChanger, I was working out at a 24-Hour Fitness, but I wasn’t going regularly.

My coworker Valerie Colucci (another member here at GameChanger) had given me the flyer for the Jumpstart program, so I decided to try it out with her. I’ve loved it since day one!

I love the atmosphere and staff.

Every single trainer I’ve worked with so far has been fantastic. They’re attentive and push me to work harder than I ever would working out on my own, but are also always conscience of any exercise that will bother my lower back.

Already within those first 3 weeks, I’ve become stronger and have more energy.

I’m so looking forward to continuing the program and can’t wait to keep getting into better shape. Of all the gyms I’ve tried recently, GameChanger is by far the BEST around!”

– Sarah Imbibo, Adult Athlete from Cranford NJ

“GameChanger has helped me refocus my efforts to get back in shape.”

“What drew me to GameChanger was initially getting my son Christian back working out off of a back injury he suffered at the beginning of the summer.

I heard a lot of great things about what GameChanger did for other kids in the Maplewood community, so I wanted Christian to give it a try. While waiting for one of Christian’s workout to end, I started watching some of the adult training that was going on. One day, I stopped and talked to some Maplewood friends that attend GameChanger – Howard Stephan and Mike Krauss – and they had nothing but positive things to say about the adult program.

From there, I knew I had to do the 21 Day Jumpstart.

The experience at GameChanger has been a game-changer! I’ve lifted on my own and went to kickboxing class, but there’s something to be said about having a coach there with you to give you personal attention and motivation to help push me past the place where if I were alone, I would just quit or take a 2-3 minute break. And working in groups has been another positive surprise that helps keep me motivated. The people at GameChanger have all been great and supportive.

GameChanger has helped me refocus my efforts to get back in shape. I’m committed to go train now – especially once I register for a class, I almost feel obligated to go. It has also changed my family dynamic, because not only do my oldest son and I go, we recently signed up my 13 year-old Aidan to start.”

– Mike Pierre from Maplewood, NJ

“Working out has a different meaning to me now.”

“Before GameChanger, I spent most days saying that ‘tomorrow will be the day that I will exercise, tomorrow will be the day that I will eat better, tomorrow will be the day…’

I initially found GameChanger on Facebook. Shortly after I had a phone conversation with Joe Meglio and he sounded sincere in wanting to just talk to me about the Jumpstart program and explain how it could benefit me, rather than just calling me with a high pressure sales pitch.

The workouts at the gym are a nice blend of ‘challenging’ and ‘manageable.’ The coaches are the main factor that sets GameChanger apart from what I’ve experienced at other gyms and with other programs. The coaches at GameChanger provide motivation to get me through the session, & provide a balance between challenging me to keep up with group and allowing me to work at my own pace when needed.

The small group setting provide a social environment and yet I still receive individual attention that I need to achieve my personal goals.

Going to GameChanger gives me a place to let off steam by smashing a medicine ball against the ground! Before, a ‘workout’ consisted of me taking several breaks to look at the clock and count down to when I could say ‘I am done,’ but working out has a different meaning to me now. I now focus on giving my best efforts during training and also look at how I can improve.”

– Matt Chrystal, Fit-Dad from Springfield, NJ

“When I leave the gym, I feel better about myself and what I’ve been able to achieve.”

“Before I joined Game Changer I was struggling to find an at-home-work-out routine that I could actually stick to. Between 2 kids, a full-time career, and a crazy travel schedule, holding myself accountable to a work-out routine seemed impossible.

I found out about GameChanger through Facebook. I was looking to lose a few pounds, but also “tone-up” and gain some muscle. The fact that I was joining a program with a bunch of other people who were in the same situation as I was definitely made me feel more comfortable!

GameChanger gives me 45 minutes of sanity each day! It is the time that I can clear my head, get in a great workout, build muscle, and have fun, too.

When I leave the gym, I feel better about myself and what I’ve been able to achieve.

It is a very comfortable environment and the coaches really do motivate and hold you accountable.

I am shocked at how much stronger I am!

Since I started at GameChanger, I’ve realized that there is a work-out routine that can fit within my schedule that I can stick to. I am proud of myself for what I’ve been able to achieve and grateful for the support I receive from my other GameChanger Adult Members.”

– Erin Capra, Fit-Mom from Kenilworth NJ

“I feel that the Jumpstart has had a great impact on my health, physically and mentally.”

In high school, I was a chess player & theater geek. In college, I became a competitive rower. Upon leaving college, I got into road and mountain biking. Then I got married, and then life with kids took over.

My wife and I tried different things from Weight Watchers and most recently, the ’21 Day Fix’.

For the past few months I just kept seeing mention of the ‘GameChanger 21-Day Jumpstart’ on Facebook, over and over and over. My wife, Terri, noticed that I was looking at this one night as we were sitting in bed and said, ‘why don’t you give it a try?’ So I started, of all times, at the beginning of December before the holidays.

Other than helping me get a handle on my health and fitness, one of my goals was accountability on exercise and weight. I felt that the 21-Day Jumpstart provided me a good transition into a routine that worked.

The small number of people in the small group training sessions made me feel comfortable since the coaches took the time to ensure that I was training properly.

The coaches have been great in meeting the needs of the people coming in by being personal as well as challenging. The community comprising of the coaches and ‘adult athletes’ is also such a positive aspect to keeping me motivated to come back.

As I go into my fifth week (at the time of writing), I feel that the Jumpstart has had a great impact on my health, physically and mentally. I feel that the coaches are invested in me as an individual and want me to succeed and to challenge me.

My wife and kids are totally behind me to be and to continue to be a ‘Fit Dad’. I am so excited to see where this experience takes me. I feel blessed to be a part of the GameChanger community. Thanks Coaches Joe, Rob, Mark, and JT!

– Vin Dionisio, Adult Athlete from Scotch Plains NJ

“Believe it or not, I find myself looking forward to the next workout!”

“Before GameChanger, I was just out of shape and over-weight.

My wife started coming here a few months ago and I really noticed a change in her attitude. Her level of stress was much lower and she seemed happier. I also noticed that she was getting stronger. And, she looks great of course! So, she convinced me to give it a try.

So far, the experience at GameChanger has been really great. The coaches are excellent and very knowledgeable. They’ve been helping me work with my elbow and back issues. Plus, they push you when you need that extra shove. It’s been all good so far.

At the time of me writing this, it’s been just about a month and it’s been great. I can’t say that it’s changed my life per say, but believe it or not, I find myself looking forward to the next workout! I can see some small changes so far.

Once I make better changes to my diet, I know that I’ll be seeing even greater changes in my body. It’s a great place and the coaches are fun and definitely give you a great workout.”

– Dean Greulich, Adult Athlete from Springfield NJ

“It’s only the beginning, but I feel motivated to continue to workout!”

“Before GameChanger, I belonged to a local gym that I never went to. Every once in a while I would ride a stationary bike at home.

I knew I had to do something. I kept seeing information about the 21 Day Jumpstart on Facebook and it intrigued me.

I knew Mike Hecht went to GameChanger and I asked him about it. He said he felt the strongest he has felt in a long time and he looks forward to going to the gym. Also, all 3 of my kids went here at one point and they enjoyed the workouts when they were there.

Since joining, I am actually using the gym now, unlike before!

I enjoy the instructors – both the instruction and the encouragement. All the members seem to encourage each other as well. I also enjoy that I can get in and out in 45 minutes and feel like I accomplished something.

Right now, it’s only the beginning, but I feel motivated to continue to workout!

Plus, I feel better when I wake up and that I am able to go up a flight of stairs and hold a conversation at the same time. That may not seem like much, but it is a step in the right direction.

Also I am more conscious about my eating habits because of the effort I am putting in at the gym.”

– Scott Swanson, Adult Athlete from Cranford NJ

Joe Hit the Reset Button

“Before GameChanger, I was pretty much in a rut: working way too much, making excuses to not go to the gym, not committing myself to working out, etc.

Going through some personal life changes drew me to the program, along with being unhappy with my health and fitness level. This all brought me to want to get into a specially-designed workout program.

A good friend of mine – Ronald Guensch – introduced me to the 21 Day Jumpstart at GameChanger. He was absolutely right about it being exactly what I needed (as usual – lol!)

The experience here at GameChanger has been a nice “reset button” for me to get the wheels in motion and stay motivated to keep working out.

Being at GameChanger makes me want to stay in shape and make working out one of my top priorities again.

It has also opened my mind to a different style of working out. Training is no longer “going through the motions” at the gym to me.”

– Joe Cacciopo, Adult Athlete from Linden NJ

Kelly’s Lost Bodyfat and Sees Progress Each Week!

“My husband Dave started was one of the original Fit-Dads at GameChanger, starting over 2 years ago, and he’s since developed a passion for strength training.

I was doing cardio classes 4-6 times a week at the time and not getting the results I wanted. I struggled to stick with any kind of weight training program, too.

Dave often told me he thought I would enjoy the program at GameChanger so I decided to give it a try and I was immediately hooked!

I knew right away that this was the kind of training I was looking for. The workouts are challenging but manageable, and I feel like I make progress every week. Plus, I feel like I’ve found a great complement to my existing cardio training.

All the coaches have been great motivators and I love working in the small-group personal-training format.

I’m losing body fat, getting stronger, and I now enjoy getting up for the 6am workouts!

My husband and I coordinate at the beginning of every week to make sure we’ll both make it to GameChanger 3-4 times. It can be challenging as we juggle both our jobs and our kids’ schedules, but we make it a priority and so far it’s working great.”

– Kelly Dietzel, Fit-Mom from Berkeley Heights NJ

“The workouts keep me coming back!”

“Before GameChanger, I was ‘in fitness limbo.’

One day while watching my son playing soccer on the sidelines, I looked down and saw my belly sticking out. Right then and there, I decided ‘that was it!’

At the same time I was talking to Mark Benjamin, who had been telling me about GameChanger. That all happened after I commented ‘you look good!. … have you been working out?’

The thing I noticed about GameChanger it that it’s not a gym in the traditional sense and I actually look forward to going, even if it’s at 5am or 8pm.

I feel great after the workouts, the coaching staff is motivating, and the workouts keep me coming back! Seriously!

Since starting at GameChanger, I’m gaining more self confidence & have proven to myself there is time in my busy life for this (and for any other goal if you really want it.)”

– Ryan Lafazan, Fit-Dad from Springfield NJ

“After only 8 months, I feel great about myself and am happier with my physical appearance.”

“Before GameChanger, I was simply sitting at home, gaining weight, watching TV and thinking about exercising, but not doing anything about it. In this case, it wasn’t the thought that counted!

One of my friends who is in great shape ‘Liked’ GameChanger on FaceBook. I thought that if she was into GameChanger and looked that great then it might be a good thing to try out. So I signed up for the 21 Day Jumpstart. Thanks to my friend (Joan) for getting me started (even though she’s not a member)!

To say that I love getting up at 5:00 AM every day would be a gross overstatement. However, I get myself up at that hour during the week because I don’t want to miss my GameChanger fix.

It’s not just the workouts, but more so the camaraderie that you quickly build with the coaches and fellow trainees. It becomes a place where ‘everyone knows your name’. And yes, the workouts are challenging, and the positive results you get are apparent!

After only 8 months, I feel great about myself and am happier with my physical appearance.

The early morning workouts are a great start to my day. I can still make my train to the City, I feel way more energized, and I am better able to handle the daily work challenges. My wife Linda, also likes the ‘toned-up’ me! By the end of the 21 Day Jumpstart, I was hooked on GameChanger and I remain just as highly motivated to keep at it, as I did when I started – if not even more so!


– Paul Heroux, Fit-Dad from Westfield NJ

“I couldn’t ask for a better experience”

“Before GameChanger, I was at a local commercial gym.

My son was going to Gamechanger and I saw how much stronger he was getting. During his time there, I decided to try the 21 Day Jumpstart. The personalized training and the small groups (and friendly competition) helped me decide to stay on board after the Jumpstart.

I couldn’t ask for a better experience between the coaches, the workouts, and the great group of new friends I have made.

When I would go to other gyms and workout by myself I would do the same exercises over and over (only upper body) and then do 20-30 minutes on a treadmill. I never did lower body work figuring that the treadmill was all I needed. I was totally wrong. After battling through a week of extreme soreness in my lower body, I realized what I was missing.

After a year of training at GameChanger I don’t want to miss “leg days” because I have never been stronger. By building my lower body strength up I’ve noticed that it has also helped improve my upper body strength, too.

GameChanger makes me look at going to the gym in a different way now. It used to be the same monotonous routine over and over on my own. The coaches change the routines regularly and I actually get excited to go to the gym.

Plus, I feel much healthier and stronger now!”

– Michael Hecht, Fit-Dad from Cranford NJ

“I am loving the new me!”

“I wasn’t associated with a gym. I’d use our basement gym when I’d make the time for it, and making time to work out has been something I haven’t really strived for. Working out has never been a priority for me.

Well my husband, Mark, drew me to Gamechanger. He started with the 21 Day Jumpstart and committed to it right away. It was impressive for me to see him come home from a long work day, having a 2.5 hour total commute and still make it to the 8:05 pm class.

I also saw how his body changed. He was losing weight but his body was getting sculpted from the inside out – he had greater agility and flexibility! He convinced me to try the Jumpstart – I did and I was hooked.

GameChanger has been an amazing experience so far and I am looking forward to my progress in the coming months.

Because I reserve my spot for classes, I feel a huge sense of commitment to attending. And not showing up would mean that I not only let myself down but also the people I regularly work out with and the coaches.

Since my start at Gamechanger, I feel stronger & leaner. I will probably become the fittest I’ve ever been!

GameChanger is the real deal. They’ve transformed my household by helping us all develop healthier lifestyles. My son will also be attending their winter camp for speed & agility because we believe in them that much.

I am finally able to do this ‘favor’ for myself that has been so long overdue. I now make my working out a priority – it’s built into our daily routine and included in the list of ‘to do’s’ for the day. My kids are also amazing cheerleaders who support me and see me working hard at keeping my body in shape.

I am loving the ‘new me’ and am looking forward to seeing how I progress over time.”

– Elizabeth Benjamin from Springfield NJ

Sameer is stronger and his clothes fit better!


“Before GameChanger, I wasn’t a member of any other gym and hadn’t been to one in the last 3 years.

My next door neighbor, Mark Cenit, invited me to the Bring-A-Friend workout at the gym, and signed up for the 21-Day Jumpstart right after.

Right off the bat, I could tell that GameChanger was the friendliest gym I have ever been to.

Not seeing a treadmill was a welcome relief (by that, I mean the place wasn’t the traditional ‘gym’ that I was used to). The staff here is friendly, supportive and they know everyone by name. There is no pressure and their routines are customized to your needs, but the work is hard and focused on delivering results, whatever your goals may be.

Within two weeks of the 21 Day Jumpstart, I was sleeping like a log, had no aches or pains, and felt refreshed every single day.

My state of mind is positive, I feel stronger and, yes, my clothes fit better.

Eating right is important – Coach Rob helped me with the nutrition plan and setting specific goals for myself. Coach Mark has made sure I’m doing all the exercises specific to my level of fitness while not over-stressing my body.

I am on en route to achieving my goals and it has been the most positive start ever…”

– Sameer Goswami from Millburn NJ

“I lost 16 lbs during the 21 Day Jumpstart.”


“Before GameChanger, I belonged to one of those large gyms with lots of machines and equipment. To be honest, used most of the equipment anyway.

I came across the 21 Day Jumpstart Program on Facebook and decided to give it a try.

I definitely accomplished more in a 45 minute workout at GameChanger than spending 1-2 hours at those other gyms.

There is no waiting for the machine you want to use. There is no wondering what to do next. The coaches at GameChanger have that all planned out for you. I even lost 16 lbs during the 21 Day Jumpstart program.

I have more energy now than I have had in years. I’m also sleeping much better. Plus, I’m more active with my children!”

– Caz Kowalczyk from Greenbrook NJ

“In less than 30 days I’ve seen toning, increased range-of-motion, & increased strength and endurance.”

“What I initially saw online for GameChanger was compelling. It was great to see other parents connecting in a serious group workout environment. I was drawn to the structure of the classes and felt that a program was a better fit for my life and schedule vs. figuring it all out on my own.

I was told about GameChanger by Dan Levy, a friend from my town, who is a huge fan of staff and facility and loves the progress he’d made over the past year.

GameChanger has been a transformative experience for me. I have a demanding career often traveling and working late hours with a NYC commute on top of it all.

I’ve benefitted from the flexibility of morning and evening classes and the quality of instruction and workouts is consistent no matter the time of day. The commitment to starting and ending classes on time has been an enormous benefit. The biggest win for me has been the ability to get in a full and effective workout in 45 minutes.

In less than 30 days I’ve seen toning, increased range of motion, increased strength and endurance. As an athlete who’s fallen off track for a few years, it is great to be returning to form and seeing measurable results.

My wife and children have seen and commented on my embracing a fitness regimen and tell me they are proud I am getting fit and seeing the results I’ve wanted for a long time.

Huge shout outs to Rob for getting me started on the journey and all the coaches for keeping me on track. Very much appreciated!”

– Mark Benjamin from Springfield NJ