6-Week Velocity Bootcamp

The GameChanger Difference

Throw Harder

They’ll get stronger and bulletproof their body from any possible injuries so they can stay healthy all season long.

Improve Mechanics

You’ll improve your ability to move fluidly, change directions with ease, have better agility on the field, and be more quick overall.

Increase Durability

They’ll improve their speed so they can run as fast as possible. Speed kills and often times is the deciding factor in a game or contest.

Minimize Risk of Injury

Every session is in a small group with their own coach. No overcrowded classes they’ll get lost in or feel like a number.

Private Instruction

Kids with better self-confidence & self-esteem, get better grades, have better behavior & are more likely to be leaders on & off the field.

Get Results & Respect

They’ll increase their athleticism and build explosive power so they will gain the respect that they deserve from their coaches.

Here’s What Your Child Will Be Doing Each Week at the Baseball Velocity Bootcamp

Day 1

Weigh you on a scale so you can rest easy knowing there are no surprises
Take body measurements so you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable
Give you a sales pitch so you dont’ have to worry about feeling pressued into doing something.

Day 2

Greet you once you walk in so you’ll feel right at home
Answer all your questions so you can have peace of mind with your decison
Review exactly how we’re going to help you reach your goals so you’ll have the confidence knowing you have a coach who truly cares about you.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Our Camps

Start Date & Length

September 14th – 6 Weeks Long (12 Sessions Total)


Sessions Will Take Place Monday & Wednesday from 3:30pm to 4:45pm at Lincoln Park in Cranford


$599 for 6 Weeks (Just $50 Per Session)

Maximum # of Kids

Each Session is Limited to Just 4 Kids

Hey! I’ve Still Got a Few Questions!

How old does my kid have to be to attend?

We understand why you would be nervous to get started. Most of our members were in the same boat as you when they started so you don’t have to worry about not fitting in. Our program will start at your level so you just need to focus on showing up.  Once you show up we take care of the rest 🙂

Will there be make-ups for missed sessions or inclement weather?

Great question! The other guys are big box gyms where you walk in and do your own workout (our members hate places like this). Or fitness studios that are overcrowded and have everyone doing the same workout regardless of their current level of fitness and injuries (our members prefer a more personal approach.

Every session at GameChanger you have your own coach with you every step of the way so you never have to worry about doing the same boring routine over and over again or wondering “what am I doing?” “Am I doing this right?” “am I going to get hurt?”. You can have confidence knowing you’re not doing this alone and that you have a team of coaches who care about you.

How will you be keeping my child safe, regarding COVID-19?

Yes! You can try our program risk free for 30-days. If we haven’t earned your business, you can stop with no questions asked and we’ll part as friends.