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Why Do We Use Small Group Personal Training

At GameChanger, we have chosen small group personal training as the way to train our members because 1. It offers superior results & accountability, and 2. It is the most cost effective option in the realm of gyms & training.

When you decide to start exercising again, all you’ve got are three choices: commercial gyms, one-on-one personal training, and small group personal training.

Here are the pros and cons of each.

Commercial Gyms


  • Inexpensive monthly fees.
  • Open, large, and usually have a large variety of equipment and machines.
    Many have 24-hour access.


  • No accountability system (they won’t call you in if you’ve missed workouts).
  • Not personal (you’re just another member).
  • No education, assistance, guidance, or supervision (you can pay extra for a personal trainer, though).
  • Contracts (so you’re stuck paying for the year, even if you stop going).
  • They profit on you not coming. They have no reason for you to actually come in and workout once they’ve got you signed up for a contract.

One-on-One Personal Training


  • Your training is completely personalized to your wants and needs.
  • You always have someone teaching, guiding, supervising, and motivating you.
  • Someone else takes care of the nitty gritty & planning. All you do is show up and do as you’re instructed.
  • Accountability. Someone will be there to make sure you’re sticking to your workout plan.


  • Prohibitively expensive. Quality personal training can cost you up to $100+ per workout. It’s a luxury, no doubt.
  • No group environment. It’s just you and your trainer during the workouts, so you get less motivation. Although, some may find this to be a pro.

Small-Group Personal Training


  • All of the pros listed under One-on-One Personal Training.
  • Small group environment. You get to train with a small number of other people. This makes the workouts more interesting and motivating.
  • Much more affordable than One-on-One Personal Training. Because you train with others, you get to divide the cost up for training. For the cost of two or three One-on-One sessions, you can get yourself a month’s worth of Small Group sessions (that’s 9-12 small group sessions for the cost of 2 or 3 one-on-one sessions!)


  • If you don’t like working out with other people, you may not like the Small Group environment. But, because groups are typically small (2-6 people), almost everyone prefers them to the One-on-One environment.

It’s a no-brainer; small group personal training provides accountability, instruction and most importantly, results, at a value that cannot be beat.

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