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Train til You Puke?

Training until you feel like you puke is bad.

It’s silly, dangerous, and ineffective in the long run.

We all know those programs that create “elite fitness” using super difficult exercises from gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, mashing them all together and making you perform them for time, like some sort of race. And boy, are they good at making you puke.

Here’s why programs like these are bad for you, especially if you’re interested in losing weight:

1. Training until you puke is a recipe for disaster.

If you’re working out so hard that you feel the need to vomit, then you’re simply being pushed too hard.

Getting to that point requires you to work so darn hard that you’re breaking yourself down in a way that will take days, if not weeks, to recover. Attempting to train this way regularly will lead to injuries, which will sideline you and make it that much harder to lose weight.

So you have a choice … workout like this once every few weeks (and not lose weight), workout like this regularly until you get hurt (and still not lose weight), or use a totally different workout program.

2. Their Exercise Selection is Dangerous for Most

Like I said before, you’ll often see complicated movements from gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting included in these workouts.

These two sports aren’t necessarily dangerous. They can be great activities, especially for young kids, when learned under the supervision of an experienced coach. The same goes with any other coach, like baseball, basketball, football, etc.

You wouldn’t take a complete beginner to conventional sports, and have him or her play a game of baseball/basketball/football combined, would you?

This is what these workouts do – they take beginners and have them try different movements that normally take years to master. This is an injury asking to happen.

3. Their Workouts are Random

Ever wanted to learn guitar? Better start with your basic skills and technique, and practice them until they’re perfected. Then move onto some chords – master them, and move on. Then try some scales – rinse and repeat.

See a trend here?

If you ever want to become better at something, you need to follow a logical progression, practice, practice, practice, and eventually the results will come.

Fitness is the same thing. It is a skill and it needs to be worked on – slowly, carefully, and consistently.

With the new popular workout programs, they randomize their workouts. There’s no logic, rhyme, or reason to their workouts. And it’s a recipe for disaster.

Even if you just want to lose weight, you’ll see more progress with a consistent, logical workout program as opposed to a random one, because as you’ll experience a much lower risk for injury. No injury = more workouts. More workouts = more calories and fat burnt off.

So if you care about getting in shape, losing weight, and not getting hurt, it’s best to avoid these new, crazy workouts programs that make you train ‘til you puke.

At GameChanger, we create individualized, effective workout programs that progress logically and safely. That’s why our members consistently lose weight and keep it off in the long-run.

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