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Tony’s Story

“Before joining Game Changer I was not working out on a consistent basis. I would go to the YMCA occasionally to get a sweat going. I would run on the treadmill and lift free weights because I thought that’s what you do to get ‘in shape’. I was still relying on the workout routines I learned from coaches and trainers in high school and college.

In the Summer of 2016 I decided to get serious about getting fit. My goal was to get strong and lose some weight along the way. I knew I definitely did not want a Cross Fit kind of workout. I researched a lot of options before finding Game Changer. I read the testimonials and felt like they were in tune with exactly what I was looking for. I decided to visit and learn more about their philosophy how they trained adults. I was immediately blown away by how professional and thorough everyone I met was. As I listened to Joe describe what they do and how they do it, I knew I was in the right place.

My experience at Game Changer has been incredible. I love the energy and enthusiasm the second you walk in the door. All the coaches call out your name and everyone makes you feel welcome from day one. The small group instruction is perfect. The coaches are always helpful, they provide detailed instructions, help you with your technique and talk about how to focus on your physical goals while helping you measure your progress. I really feel like I have a GameChanger Family. I have made many new friends and I’m always looking forward to my next work out.

After almost two years at Game Changer, I have lost 40 pounds, increased my strength, flexibility and level of fitness to a place I did not think was possible at my age. I feel like there is not limit to how far I can continue to go. I love the positive feedback I get from friends and family. My energy level is high and I love the way I feel. If you can relate to my story and you are serious about improving your overall health, then you need to contact Joe today and get started. You will not regret it.”

– Tony Rogers, Fit-Dad & Adult Athlete from Westfield NJ

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