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“This place changed my life!”

By September 28, 2015Success Stories

This plAndreaace changed my life! I’ve struggled with herniated discs, pain, weakness, weight gain and all the emotions that go along with that since I was 21 yrs old. GameChanger is the first place, & these are the first coaches, who have been able to lead me to success in ALL areas of my health & fitness. I have been working with them for 16 months and I can’t emphasize enough how much I love it! Because of them, I participated in, and completed, my first-ever Iron Girl Triathalon Sprint! I had been longing to do it for at least a decade, but never had the confidence that I could handle it physically before GameChanger.

BenOn top of that, my almost 13 yr old son has been in more therapies than I can list for fine & gross motor delays, low muscle tone, core strength, neuromotor sensory, etc. We’ve also had him in different sports and exercise & conditioning classes throughout the years. These coaches are THE BEST around. HE LOVES GOING and has made improvements over the last year that would make any mom cry.

His summer swim team coach said he looked like a different kid, and he received a “Most Improved” award at the end of the season. The best part has been seeing his confidence grow in his physical ability. He is finally riding a bike, and HE participated in, and completed the Springfield Kids Triathlon this past Labor Day weekend!

And his most recent accomplishment…he (and I) ran in Springfield’s 5K last weekend, and his time was 17 MINUTES FASTER than the one he did last year, pre-GameChanger!!  Thank you from the very bottom of this (Fit) Mom’s heart!!

Ben and Andrea-Andrea Korb, GameChanger Fit-Mom

Mother of GameChanger Athlete Ben Korb

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