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This Mom is Down 30lbs and Has a Healthier Family

We’re proud to announce the GameChanger Adult Athlete of the Month for September, Kerry Lyman!

Kerry is one of our very first Fit-Moms, starting here back in 2014!

As a working mother of two, Kerry found it difficult to maintain her fitness over the years. But after training at GameChanger for these past 2 years, she’s lost over 30 lbs!

“After being an athletic as a kid and young adult, the busyness of being a working mom got in the way of fitness over the past decade of my life. My energy levels had dropped, and I was feeling depressed about how I looked – I avoided mirrors and being in pictures.

Gina Black (a fellow long-time Fit-Mom) was talking about GameChanger and the Jumpstart she had participated in. She looked fantastic, so I decided to participate in it shortly after.

I really didn’t believe that I would have fun working out and getting in shape, but that’s the case now and is exactly why I love GameChanger.

Unlike many other gyms, the trainers get to know each client personally. They are super positive and create a safe, comfortable atmosphere. They work hard and push each member to get the results they want with lots of encouragement and a focus on proper technique to avoid injury.

I have lost a total of about 30 pounds since I first began two years ago.

My entire body is toned and muscular! I enjoy going shopping for clothes and being in pictures – & I no longer avoid mirrors. I even enjoy wearing sleeveless tops now.

More importantly, my energy level has skyrocketed. I am able to move through life with far greater ease and confidence. My nutrition has also vastly improved after working with the trainers at GameChanger. My entire family is eating healthier as a result. I will never go back to being who I was before I began GameChanger.”

– Kerry Lyman, GameChanger Adult Athlete and Fit-Mom

Congratulations, Kerry!

You’re one of our hardest working Adult Athletes and have come so far – you deserve it!

Interested in seeing how GameChanger can help you get the body you deserve?

Click the link below for more information and to get started!


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