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How This Mom Became One of Our Fittest Members and Now Loves Working Out!

We’re proud to present to you guys this month’s GameChanger Adult Athlete of the Month, Cristina Benson!

Cristina’s a mother of two from Westfield who’s been attending GameChanger for two years now. She’s actually one of our first mothers to train with us, and has been with us ever since!

Cristina’s now one of our fittest, strongest adult athletes.

She’s lost weight, deadlifted 235 lbs for reps, incline pressed 120 lbs for reps, and has an amazing cardiovascular capacity. She regularly “leads the pack”, setting the pace and intensity for the workouts.

Here’s Cristina’s story:

“Before GameChanger, I tried kickboxing and was also working with a personal trainer, but didn’t have much success.

A friend of mine did the first GameChanger weight loss challenge She tried to get me to do the challenge with her but I didn’t feel like joining yet another gym. After she finished the challenge, she encouraged me to try a trial class.

I tried it out and signed up with GameChanger the same day and my experience here, in short, has been great.

I have learned so much about weight training and that weights are not just for guys! I think it was always drilled into girls heads that weights will make you look like a man. I’ve learned that that is so false!!! I’ve become so much stronger without ‘bulking up’.

One of the biggest changes for me is finally finding a gym that makes me want to come back and motivates me to keep working out.

I have never stayed with one place for so long. In the past, I would try something for a few weeks or months, but then get so bored with it. I hate to miss the gym now and I try my hardest not to – sometimes life gets in the way but that’s ok.

The coaches at GameChanger are so great to work with that I could not imagine myself anywhere else!”

– Cristina Benson, GameChanger Adult Athlete of the Month

These kinds results aren’t exclusive to few people.

With the right training and diet, most adults can burn fat, lose weight, gain strength, and feel great!

It all starts with taking the first step.

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