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This Girl is Stronger than Other Boys Her Age

We’d like to tell you about this week’s Success Story, Emma Londino.

Emma’s one of our female Senior Athletes, whose father is a Fit-Dad and veteran Adult Athlete here at GameChanger. She’s a track runner from Mountainside who joined us back in December.

Whenever we have new female athletes join up, we’re excited to work with them because strength training is hugely beneficial for ALL athletes.

There’ve been long-running myths when it comes to girls and strength training: that it’ll make them big, that they’ll get hurt, that they should only lift very light dumbbells, yadda yadda …

And that’s all they are: myths. There’s absolutely nothing true about these statements, and we’re glad to do anything we can to educate people about the truth (that strength training is GREAT for females!)

Since starting out with us, Emma’s strength has vastly improved, and she’s even stronger than a lot of boys her age!

For example, she’s back squatted nearly 200 lbs for multiple reps!

As a track runner, Emma’s benefited from this increased strength, and her running will only improve as her strength continues to increase.

Here’s what she had to say:

“My dad used to always come home talking about how he loved his gym (he’s obsessed with it!) and it sparked my interest in joining GameChanger.

I love the support and positivity I get from the coaches, as well as all of the friends I made in the senior athlete classes.

GameChanger helped me run varsity-level times for my track meets, as well as allow me to meet some amazing friends.”

– Emma Londino, GameChanger Senior Athlete

Keep up the amazing work, Emma!

Looking to give your child the tools to increase their performance and athleticism, just like Emma has?

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