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The Success Formula

By September 22, 2017Adult Fitness

In our last article, the Failure Formulas, we discussed some of the most popular fitness programs out there. They all promise awesome results, better-looking bodies, improved health, etc., but after our analysis, we can see that they don’t deliver.

They all have their own, unique “failure formula.” They don’t address the real issues behind what causes people to be overweight and what prevents people from getting the bodies of their dreams.

At GameChanger, we’ve determined the key principles to success with fat loss and fitness – we call it our Success Formula. This is the exact Formula we’ve used with hundreds of adults over the years to help them successfully achieve the body of their dreams.

Let me break it down for you:

Ingredient #1 of the Success Formula: Personalization & Careful Progress

Everyone’s got their own strengths & weaknesses – capabilities & deficiencies – and so on.

The best program is one that takes advantage of these strengths, and carefully works around or corrects these weaknesses.

That way, you get the most effective workout with the least amount of risk (because you can’t get back into shape if you’re too injured to work out!)

Cookie-cutter programs that make everyone do the same exercise and don’t respect people’s unique differences are a recipe for disaster.

Additionally, one must carefully progress over time, and not haphazardly jump around exercise selections and such.

At GameChanger, everyone’s workout is individualized their needs and level of fitness, allowing for an awesome workout that burns tons of calories, gets the body lean and strong, and does not put anyone at risk of injury.

Ingredient #2 of the Success Formula: Simple Nutritional Guidelines that Anyone Can Follow

Can any number of the popular fat loss diets (e.g., Paleo, vegan, low-carb, low-fat, etc.) work for you? Sure.

Are they stressful, difficult to follow, and general restrict you from eating your favorite foods. Of course.

Restrictive diets are incredibly hard to stick to in the long-run, and end up leading to cheating/binging & regaining any weight that has been lost.

Simple nutritional guidelines that help you stay full & limit the number of calories you consume are a better way for anyone to adopt a diet that will help them lose weight.

It’s the simplicity and lack of restriction is what helps people adhere to their diets, and that’s why we use this as the basis for our nutritional advice here at GameChanger.

Ingredient #3 of the Success Formula: A Built-In Accountability System

A training program is only good if you commit to it and make slow & steady progress.

Eventually, our will-power wanes and the desire to work hard goes out the window.

But with somebody always there to motivate you and ensure you stay committed to your goals, there’s no need to worry about falling off the bandwagon.

Whenever somebody signs up at GameChanger, we make sure they never fall through the cracks.

We take responsibility for our members and keep them on the right path to fat loss, fitness, and success.

For more information on our programs and to sign up, click the banner below.

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