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The Only Lift You Need to Be Faster, Powerful & Athletic

You can be doing the fanciest, latest-and-greatest training program for athletics that promises you greater speed, power, and strength …

But if you aren’t doing this one particular lift, then your “state of the art” strength-&-conditioning program is flawed and ineffective …

Curious what this lift is?

It is the deadlift.

Yes, the plain ol’ deadlift is the key to greater athleticism, speed, power, and dominance in your sport.

And here are a few reasons why:

#1 – The deadlift increases the strength and power of an athlete’s hip extensors.

The hip extensors are your glutes – aka your butt muscles – and they are the primary movers of an athlete’s body.

Hip extensors allow you to run fast, jump high, tackle hard, and swing a bat with a ton of power.

They are the “650 horsepower engine” to your “Corvette”, so to speak. Without strong, powerful hip extensors, you will never be able to perform well as an athlete.

Athletes need deadlifts to make their hip extensors strong and powerful.

#2 – The deadlift strengthens the core and teaches an athlete how to use it properly.

When you pick up weight off the ground in a deadlift-fashion, your core is being challenged – while your back wants to bend under the weight, your core will engage to keep everything straight and in alignment.

Not only does this strengthens an athlete’s core, but it teaches the athlete how to keep the core stiff and straight.

This is important for two reasons: 1. Keeping the core stiff and straight decreases the chance of a back injury (and an injured back will keep you out of the game), and 2. A stiff core transmits power more efficiently, making you move faster and more explosively.

#3 – The deadlift uses more muscle groups than any movement out there.

Training efficiency is important – you don’t have all day to be in the gym, even if sports are your life.

That means you need to use the most effective exercises to get the most out of your training – and the deadlift is at the top of the food chain in this regard.

Not only do deadlifts target your hip extensors and core, but they also challenge the rest of your legs, your grip, and your upper back.

Deadlifts provide you the most bang for your buck – period.

If you are an athlete, you will only benefit yourself by including deadlifts in your program.

Without deadlifts, you will only be looking for substitutes for what is an amazing exercise.

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