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The GameChanger Core 4 Principles

Here at GameChanger, what we do is about much more than just getting your child, bigger, faster and stronger. What we really focus on is improving their self-confidence & self-esteem. FACT: Kids with better self-confidence and self-esteem get better grades, have better behavior, & are more likely to be leaders on & off the field.Our GameChanger Core 4 Principles are about empowering young athletes to reach their full potential not only in sports, but also in life while instilling a sense of self-confidence, commitment and dedication.

Principle # 1: Have An Ownership Mentality

One of the biggest lessons we teach kids is that you’re 100% responsible for your own success in life. And this starts with taking ownership over your personal development not only in sports, but also in the classroom and everyday life.

Principle # 2: Respect everyone & everything

Teaching our athletes the value of sportsmanship and respecting their teachers, coaches, parents, peers, teammates & family members is essential. We lead by showing others the respect that they deserve, even if they have wronged us.

Principle # 3: Work Hard

Most worthwhile things in life do not come easy. They come through hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence. In sports and life, there’s many things that you can’t control, but what you can control 100% of the time is your work ethic and the effort you put forth.

Principle # 4: Have Fun!

The last principle of the Core 4 is to have fun! One of our main goals as coaches is to show young athletes that working out is fun! If you’re not enjoying the process of training with us, then you are not in the right place. We believe you should enjoy every minute of your GameChanger experience because not only will it help you achieve your goals, but it will also set the foundation of good habits for the rest of your life.

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