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The Fittest Bakery Owners in the World

Our Success Story for this week is on a Westfield-family that we’re incredibly proud to train with: Ralph, Rosalie, and Jake Bencivenga.

Jake is one of our GameChanger Junior Athletes who started with us back in 2014.

As a baseball player and a wrestler, Jake came to us looking to improve his strength, speed, muscle mass, and power.

Jake’s tenacity and work-ethic is unrivaled. He worked through a knee injury (and subsequently recovered and got even stronger), and pushed through a grueling and tournament-filled wrestling season this past winter.

He’s one of our toughest, hardest-working athletes, and we’re glad to have him here at GameChanger.

Not too long after Jake started with us, his mother, Rosalie, began training alongside the other GameChanger Adult Athletes. Her husband, Ralph, joined us back last September, too.

Now, Ralph and Rosalie aren’t your average husband-and-wife who workout … they own and run a bakery!!!

When you think of a baker, you think of someone who is constantly surrounded by sweets and pastries (and hence, constantly eating these sweets and pastries!) You’d think the typical baker is probably not in the best shape, just because of the circumstances.

Yet, Ralph and Rosalie are two of our fittest members! They both work super hard in the gym, and have the results to show for it!

The Bencivengas are an amazing example of what you can achieve if you work hard enough and continue to push yourself.

You TOO can see the results Jake, Ralph, and Rosalie have achieved.

It all starts with taking the first step.

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