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Syd Overcame Injury and is Now Kicking Butt!

Syd Von Oehson is this week’s Success Story!

A swimmer from Scotch Plains, Syd is one of our awesome female Senior Athletes who started at GameChanger after overcoming a shoulder injury.

Despite only starting this past March, Syd’s made some great progress with her strength and athleticism (she’s already deadlifting in the mid-100s!). She’s a total pleasure to work with, and we’re grateful to have such a hard-working athlete in our ranks!

We’re excited to see what the future months of training have in store for her – Syd’s definitely got a bright athletic career ahead of her!

“Sydney didn’t do any kind of formal weight training before coming to GameChanger. She was referred by Dr. Justin Rabinowitz after a shoulder injury.

Sydney’s favorite part of GameChanger is working with the coaches  – learning to do the exercises properly to improve her strength. She likes seeing progress from week to week knowing that she is getting stronger. She also likes being able to compare the exercises and drills at GameChanger to what she does in the pool and how they will help.

Sydney is excited to come to the gym everyday. She enjoys having some way to work out aside from swimming with all the cardio they do in the pool. Coming to GameChanger has also allowed her to plan better and be able to schedule out her days, especially during the summer. She feels the difference in the pool, during practice, with more energy and the ability to have more powerful strokes.”

– Marianne, mother of GameChanger Senior Athlete Syd Von Oehson

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