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Strength Training is Necessary For Your Best Life

by GameChanger Strength and Nutrition Coach Rob Riccobono

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You may think strength training is only beneficial for improving your strength, physical appearance, and athleticism. The truth is strength training is crucial for improving your overall health and your quality of life.

Live Longer and Move Better

Strength training is correlated with an increased lifespan. That’s right, lifting weights (more specifically, the increased muscle mass obtained from weight lifting) can actually help you live longer. I don’t know too many people who would turn down that opportunity. The specific cause between muscle mass and a longer life is not explicitly clear, but the connection can’t be ignored. You can read more about the relationship between muscle mass and life expectancy in this recent study from UCLA, published in the American Journal of Medicine.

If you’re going to live longer, you probably want to spend those years being able to move and do what you love, rather than being sick and confined to bed. Well, you’re in luck! Strength training increases bone density and prevents bone degradation. This can help stave off joint problems that usually occur later in life such as osteoporosis and arthritis. The research on this topic is too great to ignore, for both men and women. If you want your best opportunity to maintain strong bones as you age, weight training is must!   

Feel Better from Sustained Fat Loss

Strength training not only makes life easier by building muscle and bone, but also by removing excess body fat. We’ve already established why resistance training is integral to fat loss. Let’s examine how excess body fat impacts your quality of life. Carrying unneeded body fat is akin to wearing a weighted vest during every activity you do. If you can do the same daily activities without that vest, think of all the advantages you’d have. Walking up and down stairs would be easier, you’d have less stress on your joints, and you would not get tired so easily and would have more energy throughout the day. Even sleeping would be more comfortable.

Every Day Activities Are Easier

Think about how the strength and lean muscle mass obtained from resistance training can make everyday tasks so much easier, ones you never even thought about, such as: playing with kids; carrying groceries, luggage, or laundry; moving furniture and other large items in the house; doing yard work; walking the dog; assisting an elderly loved one. These are just a few daily scenarios that become so much easier, more efficient, and less dangerous when you are a physically stronger person. And there are plenty more examples that you or I probably have not even considered.

Nothing can definitely guarantee longevity, injury prevention, or freedom from disease, but there is evidence of ways to reduce the likelihood of ailments and improve how you feel! Strength training is linked with numerous health benefits, and equips you to handle almost any physical task life throws your way. Everyone can benefit from being strong. Everyone can benefit from being healthy. Everyone can benefit from strength training.

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