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Springfield Siblings Improve Their Athleticism and Confidence

This week’s Success Story is on GameChanger Athletes Jesse and Jacob Thompson!

Jesse and Jacob are siblings from Springfield who started training with us last summer.

Both Jesse and Jacob play different sports, but they came to us looking for the same thing: to become more athletic and more confident.

They’ve trained with us week after week, working hard since the very beginning.

Since they’ve joined GameChanger, both Jesse and Jacob have made amazing progress with their strength, endurance, athleticism, and confidence.

Check out what their mom had to say!

“We wanted to find a gym that was personal to help our son get in shape, lose body fat, and gain self-esteem. We also wanted to give him the stamina and strength to be able to compete on his high school cross country team.

For Jesse, we wanted workouts that would help her in softball. She’s pitcher and needed to build strength, speed, and agility to compete in middle school.

 jessethompsonThe thing that Jacob likes best about GameChanger is the bond between the coaches and athletes. The coaches make him feel like he belongs and encourage him to be his best.

The thing Jesse likes best is how the coaches push her to keep improving and how they make it fun to work out.

They’ve both had incredible results in such little time.

Jacob has lost body fat and gained strength. Since attending GameChanger, he has gained self-esteem and become much more athletic. Now, he’s on the high school cross country team and golf team. Plus, he enjoys working out now!

As for Jesse, she just really loves to work out. She has gained muscle, endurance and is throwing harder!”

Robin Thomspon, mother of GameChanger Athletes Jesse and Jacob Thompson

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