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Simmi’s Got More Energy, Stamina, & Endurance

This week’s Success Story is one of our most recent member, Simmi Sood!

Simmi started out at GameChanger just a number of weeks ago, and she’s already seen changes in her strength, endurance, and energy levels.

When you commit to working hard on your fitness right off the bat, you WILL start to see changes – and you will see them quickly!

Without further ado, here’s Simmi’s story:

“I did not do any exercise for the last 4 years primarily due to my move from India to the US and the initial “settling-in period” when I first got here. Before that, I use to do yoga 3-4 days a week primarily focusing on Pranayam (breathing).

I have sedentary job and needed to do something to be healthy and build stamina and endurance.

The Tapia family introduced me to GameChanger. Initially, I was looking for a program to help build strength and endurance for my son. Their kids are regulars at GameChanger and they seemed to like it.

GameChanger was offering baseball training & athletic training for junior-level athletes over the summer and seemed like a good opportunity for my son. Meanwhile, they were running their 21-Day Jumpstart for parents, so I signed up too!

What is different and great about GameChanger is that both me and my son can exercise at the same location, pretty much same time. It was win-win situation for us as it met all what we needed.

Also, I must applaud the openness and enthusiasm that the coaches have that is very contagious.

It’s been over a month since I have been at GameChanger. So far, I’m feeling active, energetic, and stress-free!

During the training sessions, the coaches encourage, challenge, and applaud us. This really keeps the momentum going and we all enjoy 45 minutes that we spend here. It feels good to exercise and have a routine. Sometimes, a 45-minute session can feel pretty tough, but afterwards it just feels so right.

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with GameChanger and I look forward to many more fun, challenging sessions.

I feel more energetic and have built up on my stamina and endurance.

I think it is important to have work-life balance and equally important to stay active and be healthy. An hour a day for yourself is worth it!”

– Simmi Sood, GameChanger Adult Athlete and Fit-Mom

Keep up the hard work Simmi!

You can become a Success Story too!

It all starts with taking the first step.

For more information on our 21-Day Jumpstart, and to get started, click below!


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