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Should Vacation Impede Your Weight Loss?

Going on vacation this summer?

If you aren’t careful, you can gain a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

Here are some tips that aid your weight loss goals when you go away this summer:

#1: Stick to “healthier” options when eating out.

Doing this can help you reduce the amount of calories you consume.

Instead of fried foods, go for something that is grilled or baked.

When possible, choose veggies as your sides and replace higher calorie options (fries, pasta, potatoes, etc.) with cooked vegetables or a salad.

When having dessert, split it with your loved ones instead of having one on your own.

#2: If you have access to refrigeration & a cooking appliance (stove top, oven, microwave, grill, etc.) where you’re staying, take advantage of it.

Preparing your own meals on vacation gives some control back to your diet and allows you to avoid the typical excess in dining out.

#3: Opt for lower-calorie drinks.

Choose light beers over craft beers.

Choose straight liquor or mix with diet soda / seltzer instead of having sugary mixed drinks.

Have plain ol’ wine instead of sangria.

#4: Enjoy your booze, but don’t get plastered.

Excessive amounts of alcohol, no matter where you are, is never a good idea when you want to lose weight.

Why? First, it’s got tons of calories. Second, being inebriated tends to increase the appetite, while reducing your ability to say no to food.

Another thing to consider is *why* you’re on vacation. If you want to drink, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to go somewhere to do it – you can easily do it at home. Use this time to sight-see, try out new activities, or to simply relax.

#5: If there’s a gym, use it.

Chances are, if you’re staying at a hotel, there’s a gym available.

Use it! Perform your usual routine (and if you need something simple for vacation, your coach can provide on for you), get-in & get-out, and spend the remaining 95% of your day enjoying vacation.

#6: If there’s no gym, remain active.

If you go sight-seeing, you’ll most likely walk. A lot. And walking 5 miles can easily match the number of calories you burn in a moderately-challenging 45-minute workout.

You can also swim if you have access to the beach or pool.

You can also cycle if you have access to a rental bike.

Plus, it won’t feel like working out.

#7: Don’t sweat it!

Seriously, even if you’re gone for a week or two, and you manage to eat & drink yourself into oblivion and not manage to get any kind of activity or training in, you’re not going to undo months & months of progress.

The second you return, you’ll keep chugging along with your weight loss. It really isn’t a big deal!

So, enjoy your vacation, do what you can, accept you can’t control, and get back into the swing of things when vacation is over.

And when you’re back from vacation and you need a little help getting back on track with your health & fitness, click here and we’ll set-up a phone call to see if we’re the right fit for you.

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