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Should Baseball Players Lift Weights?

Over the years, baseball has changed from a game of speed and small ball to a game of power. If you look at the best power hitters in baseball, you’ll see they all possess one very similar trait – they are all very strong (especially in the legs and core). While baseball is a game highly dependent on skill, physical strength has obviously had a major impact on the ability to generate power.

Many coaches think that strength training won’t help you throw harder or hit the ball further because it will make you tight and slow. This may be true for some baseball players who don’t lift weights properly. For example, baseball players who  focus on the “beach muscles” – all the muscles you see when you look in the mirror, will not see much benefit from strength training. While training these muscles will make you look good, they certainly won’t help prevent injuries and they will not enhance your baseball performance.

Before we move on, let me ask you…

How would you like to:

  • Run faster to first base
  • Improve your first step on fly balls in the gap
  • Hit the ball with more authority
  • Add a few MPH to your fastball

If these are areas that are important to your game you should know that they will all be significantly improved by dramatic increases in strength. But you need to make sure you are strength training properly.

So look in the mirror and focus on all the muscles you can’t see. It’s these muscle (your glutes, hamstrings, lower back) that will make you a better athlete and a better baseball player. This is exactly what we do at GameChanger Strength & Performance and it’s no wonder why our baseball players dominate on the diamond.

And be very vary of programs that focus on doing agility and cone drills, and running mechanics. I’ve seen too many baseball players go to these “speed programs” only to leave with marginal results at best. Simply put, you can’t get faster by running slow. Instead you need to focus on getting stronger so you can produce more force. The more strength you have, the more horsepower you’ll have in the engine and the faster you’ll run. This is accomplished through proper strength training.

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