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“I was at GameChanger before, then went to a commercial gym, did some home-workouts & few drop in classes and boot camps, etc. I am beyond thrilled to be back at home.

I’m an ‘OG’ GameChanger … one of the originals from when Joe opened shop in 2013. Having the history and knowing without a doubt that I would be in the best hands made it an easy draw.

In the past, my personal challenge has been consistency. I tend to prefer a group or class work out; my previous experience at other gyms has been frequent changes in classes, class times plus, a revolving door of different trainers. All of the flux made it very tough for me to maintain a regular workout routine and a schedule that worked for me and I was working out only two or three times a week . But now that I’m back at GameChanger, that problem is gone and I’m working out more than I have — consistently 5 days a week. I feel fantastic and stronger than I ever have, since … EVER.

Well, the biggest change for me since returning to GameChanger is peace of mind. My family history hosts a variety of different medical ailments & diseases, but since I’ve been back at GC and working out consistently, the shift has also fostered some modifications to my diet (added bonus: my husband has been following suit and has also made some changes to his diet).

I finally feel confident that I’ve taken control and am no longer paranoid about my family’s health history. Since my return to GameChanger, I feel like I’m on auto-pilot and flying high in the right direction.”

– Sheila Wiggins, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Fanwood NJ

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