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“He is stronger, throwing harder, and running faster”

This week’s Success Story is on Thomas Gannaway!

Thomas is a high school baseball and basketball player from Westfield who came to us back in November looking to get stronger, faster, and more athletic.

He trained with us twice per week starting back in the fall.

He’s definitely improved his strength, power, and athleticism, and has even overcome a foot injury in the process.

We’re excited to see what he’s capable of in the upcoming spring season!

Here’s what Thomas’s mother had to say:

“We were looking for a place that Thomas could obtain good safe instruction. We were interested in him getting stronger and faster for baseball.

Thomas says it’s exciting and fun to go there and workout.
Being that the workouts are fun it has caused him to become more disciplined with his workouts. He looks forward to going.

He feels stronger, throws harder and runs faster now which helps in confidence.

I mentioned to him after his basketball game this past Saturday that I noticed he was getting higher elevation especially with his rebounds. He told me that he’s been doing specific exercises to increase in that area!

He really is enjoying the workouts. Looking forward to seeing him on the baseball field this spring. I’m sure his and your efforts are going to payoff!” – Jessica Gannaway, mother of GameChanger Senior Athlete Thomas Gannaway

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