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Read this Before You Train In Your High School Weight Room

By November 20, 2013Athlete Training

If you’ve ever been told that 0ff-season training under the guidance of your high school baseball coach is the same as training with strength & conditioning professionals, you’ve been lied to. A baseball coach’s primary job is to coach baseball. They are not strength and conditioning coaches. If you needed a root canal, would you go to an orthopedic just because he or she is a doctor? Of course not, so why would you think having your son train with their baseball coach or teammates be just as effective as hiring a professional with a proven track record of getting results?

If your goal is to become the best baseball player you can be, your off-season training shouldn’t be maxing out on squatting, benching or deadlifting. It also  shouldn’t bbe running countless polls or running until you have to puke. On the opposite end of the spectrum, your training shouldn’t revolve around doing band work, ab circuits and exercises with 5 lb dumbbells. Unfortunately, this is exactly how many high school baseball programs are run.

Even worse, then what is being done, there is no attention paid to how it’s being done. Many coaches will find good quality programs to follow with the team but they don’t understand exactly how to implement & coach a good program. For example, many coaches don’t know what to look for, how to correct improper technique or how to regress or progress an exercise if it’s too hard or too easy.  This is the job a strength & conditioning coach – not a baseball coach. If you’re going to rely on a baseball coach to do a strength & conditioning coaches job, then you’re never going to reach your true athletic potential and even worse – you’re asking for an injury.

Here’s a classic example of what goes on in most high school weight rooms:

The baseball players that train at GameChanger see dramatic increases in functional baseball strength, power, speed & size because they follow a system that has proven to work for other baseball players just like them. Don’t take my word for it, read about the success stories of our athletes yourself. Our baseball players understand that simply training with their high school or travel team isn’t the same as training under the guidance of professionals who understand what it really takes to take their game to the next level.

This isn’t a knock against high school baseball coaches. Like I said earlier, their job is to coach baseball, not to create, implement & coach effective strength & conditioning programs for their players. You wouldn’t take your son to get pitching lessons from a strength & conditioning coach would you? So why do you think a baseball coach is an expert in strength & conditioning?

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