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Ray Throws Faster, Bats Harder, and Deadlifts 260lbs!

Featured for this week’s Success Story is GameChanger Senior Athlete Raymond Arocha!

Ray is a sophomore-year baseball player from Roselle Park.

He, like many of our athletes who play baseball, came to us looking to become more powerful and athletic on the field.

Ray trained at GameChanger 2-3x per week starting in November, and his results are amazing. He’s deadlifted 260 lbs for multiple reps, has a ball exit speed of 81 MPH, and a throwing velocity of 70 MPH!

We’re incredibly proud of Ray and are excited to see him perform like a star this upcoming season.

Here’s what Ray’s mother had to say her son’s experience at GameChanger:

“Previously to GameChanger, Raymond had joined Parisi Speed School in Garwood. What drew us to GameChanger was the focus on building strong and confident baseball players.

Raymond enjoys the comradery between the athletes and staff. He also enjoys that the staff focuses on each athlete’s individual need.

Raymond’s performance, confidence, and discipline has developed his baseball skills. He has become a much stronger and faster athlete. You can see his confidence on and off the field.

Thank you GameChanger, and we look forward to working with you in the off season.” – Mary Arocha, mother of GameChanger Senior Athlete Raymond Arocha

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