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Pat Went From Injured and Stagnant, to Healthy and Throwing Faster

This week’s Success Story is Senior Athlete Pat Cuccurullo!

We began working with Pat almost two years ago when he was playing baseball in middle school.

Pat wanted to improve his game by getting stronger and faster – and that he did.

Now, he’s deadlifting over 200lbs, has increased his throwing velocity by 10MPH, and isn’t experiencing injuries like he used to.

Good Job Pat!

“Prior to joining GameChanger, I was working out on my own. The problem was that I wasn’t making any progress. I was not getting stronger, faster, or powerful. It seemed everyone else was getting bigger, stronger, and faster while I was just ‘standing still’.

When I was much younger, I was one of the fastest kids on the team. Later on, I started losing speed, wasn’t gaining velocity on my fastball or hitting with more power. I also seemed to be getting injured or sore after games and practices (something that I have never experienced before.)

One day I was hitting at D-Bat – my dad and I walked into one of Joe’s classes and scheduled an evaluation. At that point, I knew GameChanger was the right place for me.

Since joining GameChanger, the velocity on my fastball has increased over 10 mph, I’m hitting gap doubles, and my range in the outfield has really improved. My nagging injuries have stopped and I am able to recover very quickly between games and practices.

I am really looking forward to what the coaches have in store for me in the future. I can’t imagine a better place for me to train and grow. GameChanger is really like a family.

Baseball season is bitter-sweet for me. I love playing the game, but the demanding schedule does not allow me to train. I can’t wait to get back to GameChanger.

I would encourage anyone looking up their game, no matter what sport, to get an evaluation at GameChanger. I guarantee you will be hooked once you hear their plan. The coaches really care about us and take pride in our accomplishments and successes.

My life has changed so much for the better and I am looking forward to continued growth.”

– Pat Cuccurullo, GameChanger Junior Athlete

“We tried Parisi and other trainers. All preached the same training methods that never worked for Pat.

The coaches at GameChanger devised a program that was specific for him, and more importantly, is a program that works.

The training occurs in small groups which allow for plenty of personal attention. There’s also the benefit of friendly competition, with an environment for the athletes to push themselves as well as have a support system from trainers & other students.”

– Anthony Cuccurullo, father of Pat Cuccurullo

Your child, too, can be a success story.

But it all starts with taking the first step.

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