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One-Step Strategy to Lose Weight for Good

By August 22, 2018Adult Fitness

There are many strategies to lose weight.

Some of these plans are overly elaborate and complex. And others are just plain difficult!

“Do ‘W’, ‘X’, and ‘Y’ long enough and on certain days, and you’ll lose ‘Z’ pounds in 8 weeks!”

“Cut out about 3/4th of the food groups from your diet and do an hour of cardio every other day, and you’ll have a shredded six pack in just a few months!!!”

Listen – losing weight doesn’t have to be like doing calculus homework …

Losing weight CAN BE SIMPLE AND (almost) EFFORTLESS!

“Effortless weight loss? That’s impossible!” – Hate to break it to you, but it is.

All it requires is one change to be made! ONLY ONE.

Make ONE CHANGE this week. Only one change to become healthier.

Maybe cut out potato chips from your diet and replace them with apples. Or maybe swap sodas out for water. Or maybe walk half a mile each day.

This type of change should not feel difficult at all. In fact, it should feel good! When you adopt it, you it should be a painless yet motivating change that you *know* you can adhere to with only a small amount of will power. Now, it shouldn’t be totally effortless – some effort is fine – but you don’t want to kill yourself over it.

If after one month, you’ve stuck to this change and made it a part of your lifestyle, then great! It’s time to add one more change that you feel like you’ll have no problem sticking to.

And do exactly what you did before – adopt another postivie health-related change that isn’t too difficult to stick to. And crush it that month!!!

Repeat this process every month. Over time, these changes will eventually become “natural” to you and part of your day-to-day life. And imagine where you’d be in 12 months. Imagine you adopted the following in a year:

  • Walk everyday
  • Drink water instead of soda
  • Cut down alcohol to one drink a night
  • Stop eating fast food
  • Eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal
  • Prepare all of your meals throughout the week
  • Start strength training
  • Pick up a physical activity or hobby
  • Watch only an hour of TV tops per day
  • Go to bed by 8pm
  • Wake up at the same time everyday
  • Start counting your calories

That first month’s worth of changes may not seem like much, but within a year, you’ll be a completely different person.

You’ll completely transform your life (and lose tons of weight!)

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