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“From day one, I’ve become much stronger AND healthier”

By December 17, 2015Success Stories

1005028_698705583497120_1257852233_nBefore GameChanger I was actually doing one of Joe’s workout programs at my local LA Fitness Gym. So right around the time that I had finished his program, I found GameChanger on Facebook. 

After my first day of training, I was convinced this was the place where I needed to be to become a better athlete.

 My experience here so far has been truly amazing. With the new facility now, I can say that this is my “personal baseball haven” that I can never get away from. I just loved being there training and getting away from my life for a bit. Now, it’s even better with the new equipment and additional space.

I’ll also say that I made new friends while training here. Getting to know the young athletes, as well as the adults, has been very fun this summer. 

It has made me a better athlete overall. From day one, I’ve become much stronger AND healthier, even outside of the gym. A perfect example is helping my mom carry groceries – I can fit about all of them in my hands. Of course, it has also helped my pitching career at college because I can stay healthy and be able to pretty much throw when I ever I want to.993494_934223726611970_1597669623452009632_n

I’d like to thank Joe for all the help he’s given me during the early stages of my training because it has made everything much easier now. I want to thank Rob as well for putting me on the path of great nutrition that has helped me lose 20 pounds since I arrived back from college. This whole adventure has made me both better as a person and as an athlete.

-Luis Ramos, Game Changer Athlete
and Coach

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