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Melissa’s Two-Year Journey

The Adult GameChanger of the Month, this August, is our very own Fit-Mom Melissa Abo.

Melissa’s a mother from Westfield who’s been training at GameChanger since the summer of 2016, looking to improve her health & fitness and live a healthier life overall.

She’s trained elsewhere with varying amounts of success, but she found that she couldn’t keep herself motivated or accounted for, and even worse, was experiencing injuries with certain exercise programs.

Since joining GameChanger over two years, Melissa’s continued to get stronger, fitter, and has been totally consistent, never missing a beat for anything.

“I spoke to my friend – who was a member at GC – after seeing on of their videos online. I liked the idea of personal training in a group setting. With all of the running I was doing at the time, I was missing out on strength training, which I really wanted.

My experience has been great. I enjoy the positive atmosphere. I feel like I have been challenged at each session and want to do more. I feel stronger and have more energy.

Within my very first month, I became much stronger and more motivated to get in shape. It was then I realized that I’m taking the time to do something very important myself.”

You too can transform your health & fitness, just like Melissa has.

To learn more about how we can help you & your goals, click here and we’ll schedule a quick phone call with you 🙂

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