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Leo is Stronger, Faster, and is Constantly Tackling New Goals

I’d like to present to you the story of Leo Loffredo, this week’s Success Story and GameChanger Junior Athlete.

Leo’s a baseball player from Westfield who’s been training with us for over two years!

In that time, he’s doubled his deadlift numbers, taken his best set of pull-ups from 2 to 10 reps, and has not only gotten stronger and more athletic all-around, but has increased his confidence only pushes himself to work harder and harder.

Here’s what his father has to say about his son’s experience at GameChanger:

“Leo began training at GameChanger to get stronger for baseball. As a pitcher, he’s been focused on explosiveness and durability. He’s been working out there for the last two years and during that time has established a strong relationship with the coaches. For Leo, he has always enjoyed setting goals, learning the exercises, and hitting new personal records in a safe environment.

While Leo was initially drawn to GameChanger for baseball, working out in-and-of-itself has become an enjoyable activity for him. He enjoys the goal-setting and pushing himself to the next level.

His favorite life is the trap bar deadlift. His PR is 185 lbs, up from 95lbs which was his strongest back when he first started. Leo also likes bench presses and pull-ups. He can now do 10 pull ups, when he could’ve only done 2 before!

Without question, Leo has become physically stronger since joining GameChanger. That has lead to greater confidence, which has motivated him to take on new challenges and push himself to try new things. It has also open his eyes to the importance of good nutrition and eating a healthy diet.

Outside of sports, Leo has learned how hard work over time can pay off. This spring, Leo will play for the NJ Jersey Nationals 14U club baseball and will attend Seton Hall Prep next fall.”

– Douglas Loffredo, father of GameChanger Junior Athlete Leo Loffredo

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