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“I was at another commercial gym before GameChanger. While I enjoyed the classes, they were really large and repetitive. I was always fighting to get a spot in a class and felt like I was in a rut. I had done weightlifting in the past, but after suffering from a broken ankle and two surgeries to fix it, I was afraid that I would hurt myself if I started strength training.

I was looking for a way to start weightlifting again, but with enough personalized attention so I wouldn’t hurt myself or aggravate my old injuries.

I learned about Game Changer from Googling gyms in the neighborhood. I was drawn to GameChanger because there were classes seven days a week at different times during the day. I also like the smaller class sizes and personalized attention from the trainers.

The trainers are amazing. Everyone is so knowledgeable and anytime I have asked a question, I received a thoughtful and thorough response. Because of their help and guidance, I have become stronger and fitter in a few short months. They’ve helped me to become more confident and try different exercises and movements I never thought I could or would be able to do. When I started, I suffered from bad arthritis in my ankle (due to a previous injury) and had to modify many exercises, but now I rarely feel arthritic pain in my ankle and don’t have to modify as many movements.

Because of Game Changer, I have more energy and am able to keep up toddler better. We spend more time outside in the park and doing more outdoor family activities.”

– Kim Christenson, Fit-Mom from Kenilworth NJ

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