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Kelly’s Seeing Big Improvements

Check out this week’s success story, coming from our very own Kelly Dietzel from Berkeley Heights!

Kelly’s one of our Fit-Moms & Adult Athletes, and is a mother of 2.

Before GC, she was training on her own, but was looking for more guidance & structure with her exercise program.

Her husband, Dave, who had been training with us for a few years already, introduced her to us two years ago, and she’s been a member ever since.

“I knew right away that this was the kind of training I was looking for. The workouts are challenging but manageable, and I feel like I make progress every week …

I’m losing body fat and getting stronger!

My husband and I coordinate at the beginning of every week to make sure we’ll both make it to GameChanger 3-4 times. It can be challenging as we juggle both our jobs and our kids’ schedules, but we make it a priority and so far it’s working great.”

Check out her full story below:

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