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Katerina’s Story

“I hadn’t been part of a gym in years. I always preferred one-on-one personal training or train on my own using a combination of yoga, pilates, & weight training which I have learned over the years from personal training.

Before finding GameChanger, I was fairly new to New Jersey and a friend, Debbie Nillas (who knew that I am not a huge fan of gyms) really inspired me to try it out. She warned that it might feel a little strange at first, with everyone knowing your name, but it quickly feels warm and “real”. Trusting her opinion, I decided to give it a try.

I have grown to appreciate the personalized attention of the coaches, who – knowing my personal injuries, my weak spots and my strengths – gently push me to the next level. Knowing that their eyes are scanning everyone’s workout makes me feel safe & that I won’t irritate my lower back or knees. I am definitely feeling a lot stronger in all areas. If you told me that I would be lifting 20 lbs weights upon joining, I would have never believed it.

It has helped me gain confidence in specific areas of fitness which I haven’t accomplished before, i.e. weight training. I have been really focusing on my form, considering I am doing everything at a much more challenging level than before, which means I am getting stronger and smarter in my workouts.

And it certainly has been a pleasure to get to know so many wonderful people, both coaches and other GC members. As human beings we are wired to seek connections, so it is a nice bonus, to have created so many extra ones while becoming more fit.”

– Katerina Goldman, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Westfield NJ

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