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“Before GameChanger, I was doing workout DVDs at home. If it required weights, I used 8lb dumbbells and thought I was pushing myself! Pre-kids, I belonged to a gym, but never worked with a trainer or took a class. I practically wanted to be invisible, just going in and doing my solitary thing and getting out.

My daughter, who was 10 at the time, was taking a conditioning class with her softball team. I’d wait for her workout to be done and watch the adult classes. A tiny voice inside me said, ‘You could do that too…’ and the voice got louder and louder until I decided I was going to go completely out of my comfort to sign up. That was 2 years ago.

Before GameChanger, I thought of working out as something one had to endure and get through. I never, ever thought I would be the type of person who *wanted* to work out, who actually felt completely off balance if she missed a workout. But that’s me now! And I feel part of a community at GameChanger. Some days the coaches greet me like I’m Norm on “Cheers” (did I just compare myself to an overweight alcoholic?). Most of all I really appreciate how they push me, because they’ve helped me see that I’m capable of a lot more than I realized.

While I’m still very much a work in progress, I’m stronger and more fit than I’ve ever been, which is a pretty great thing to be able to say in your mid-40s! On a practical level, when we moved last summer, I remember being grateful for GameChanger when I could lift heavy boxes and help my husband move big pieces of furniture. I also really like that my daughter and I can share the GameChanger experience, working with some of the same coaches and even doing some of the same exercises.

Lastly, GameChanger has been a phenomenal stress-reliever for me. I can block out whatever I need to when I’m in the gym. I’ve come to rely on my workouts as time for myself and a way to feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment, which is what I always feel when I walk out the door.”

– Kara Corridan, Fit-Mom from Springfield NJ

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