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Joe’s Stronger & Found Something He Can Stick To

One of the biggest obstacles people run into when trying out a new fitness program is commitment & consistency.

It’s really hard to keep doing something that is physically tough and not as pleasurable as let’s say, taking a nap or watching television.

But with the right environment and proper personalization, anyone can stick a fitness program long-term and transform their lives down the road.

That’s the deal-maker (or breaker): does it feel enjoyable? is it inviting? are the coaches & other members there supportive? do the workouts feel effective & are geared towards my goals?

If someone says yes to all those questions, then they’re in luck – they’ve found something they can probably stick to and make amazing progress with.

Our very own Adult Athlete Joe Marra from Union was in this same situation when he first found us a year-and-a-half ago. He had trouble finding a gym he’d be motivated to stick to.

Joe’s been with us since then, training 5+ times a week, and shows no sign of stopping.

He’s stronger than ever, and his energy levels are through the roof.

Want to learn more about our Adult Fitness Program? Click here to set up a quick phone call where you can see if we’re the right fit for your needs.

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