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“Since moving back to NJ just 6 years ago, I was at a few random gyms and exercise studios in the area.

Nicole and Vince Novellino told me about GameChanger. They liked it a lot more than the last gym they were going to (I also checked the same place out and wasn’t a fan). Anyway, I wish I had come to GameChanger even sooner!

The GameChanger experience has been so positive right from the first time I came in to meet with Joe. The difference is in the way the GameChanger team treats every person who walks into the gym. I was blown away when I came for my first workout and people I’d never seen before knew my name! It was a genuine welcoming feeling and I knew I’d do great here.

The workouts are fun and energetic. The coaches take a true interest in your wellbeing. Everyone – coaches and other members – cares about one another. You get support from everyone to keep going when you feel like you can’t do another squat or slam or plank. You compete only with yourself to push and improve and nobody cares if you’re not the fastest or strongest in a group. There’s no judgement – just encouragement.

I’m much less stressed and a happier person starting my days off by going to GameChanger almost every morning. Not only am I feeling healthier and stronger, my clothes fit better and I’m looking better. The weight I need to lose is coming off at a steady pace. Not quite as fast as in the past but I know that has to do with many factors and is better in the long run for keeping it off. What’s different and more positive to me is that I’m not obsessing over what the scale says. Instead, I’m celebrating victories every day.

One day I couldn’t do lunges, then I could. One week I couldn’t do sliders at all and now they’re my favorite! Every time I can lift or press or pull a heavier weight than the time before, I’m so excited! I hated Turkish Get Ups and now I ask to do them. (BTW, when will we do them again? LOL)

I’ve also made new connections with people who enrich my life and help me realize that we’re all in this together working to be the best we can be for ourselves, not compared to each other. Last but certainly not least, I admire, respect and truly like all of the coaches for who they are and for giving me a phenomenal environment in which I can thrive in my quest to be a stronger and healthier person, as well as believing that I can be an athlete!”

– Jodi Zacker, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Westfield NJ

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