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Joanne Lost Two Inches Off Her Waist!

Let me tell you about this week’s Success Story, Joanne Lukowiak.

Joanne is a mother of three (two who’ve trained at GameChanger!) from Westfield who joined us back in September looking to get into better shape.

Her results? She’s increased her strength, stamina, and fitness, and has lost two inches off of her waist!

Here’s what she’s had to say:

“I had participated in personal training for three years, about seven years ago. I have been a member at the Westfield YMCA for twenty years… but I probably only worked out there thirty times in all of those years.

I saw the 21-Day Jumpstart on Facebook and thought I would give it a try.

I absolutely love GameChanger and look forward to going there daily for an amazing workout! I have noticed improved strength in my arms, legs and torso. I am standing taller and have an incredible amount of stamina. My clothes fit better and I am beginning to look better, too!

I introduced two of my daughters to GameChanger and they also love it! I sleep better and have lots more energy. I am so happy I saw the 21 Day Jumpstart and took the opportunity to visit GameChanger!!!”

– Joanne Lukowiak, GameChanger Adult Athlete

We’re glad to help people like Joanne achieve their goals, getting them the bodies and the levels of fitness they desire.

If you want to burn fat, look better, and get into better shape, we’ve got a program for you!

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