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“I’ve never seen my body look like this before”

Josh Smilow, recent 21-Day Jumpstarter and father of soon-to-be-four children, is this week’s Success Story!

Here’s his story:

“I found GameChanger on Facebook. I thought their 21-Day Jumpstart was a good deal so I decided to give them a shot.

I love that the classes are small here and all the trainers know you. From the very first day, I told them about some issues with my body and they never forgot it! If something was hurting, they changed the exercises and always followed up with me.

I love that they have so many options available when I sign up for a class. Plus, you are in and out in no time!

I really feel like I’m getting a personal trainer every time I go in there! They really care and they stay on top of things. And that means a lot to me.

My problem before was that I never knew when to increase/decrease weights. They keep track of everything and all the trainers know what they are doing. And I’m really seeing results – I’ve never seen my body look like this before, and I feel great.”

– Josh Smilow, GameChanger Adult Athlete and father of 3 (plus another on the way!) from Springfield

Congratulations, Josh! Keep up the awesome work!

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