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“I’ve Lost 13lbs Since I Joined!”

“Before joining Gamechanger, I was going to the same local gym for 22 years. I was always very dedicated with my workouts and always went consistently. However, I only used cardio machines, because no one had ever showed me how to perform weight training properly.

From day one, all of the coaches have always made me feel comfortable and extremely welcome. Everyone knew my name immediately! They always make the workouts fun, different and interesting! I always look forward to going to my classes, and I get the personal attention I need. Now I’m using the weights correctly and I’m proud of the strength I have achieved in my arms and legs!

Before joining GameChanger, I didn’t have the confidence, the knowledge, or the strength I needed to lift weights!

Now it’s something I’m improving at each day and I enjoy! I’m proud of myself for staying with it, and working so hard to achieve my goals!

I go to the 6:30 AM class Monday through Friday before I go to work, and the 7:00 AM class on Saturday.

I’ve lost 13 lbs and several inches since I joined! I’m eating healthier, and making much better food choices! I love my GameChanger family!

This gym is AMAZING , and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!

Everyone should make GameChanger part of their life!”

– Marci Grossman, Adult Athlete & Fit-Mom from Springfield NJ

You too can become a success story, just like Marci has.

Want to learn how we can help you achieve your fitness goals & get the body you deserve?

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