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Why You Must Train In-Season For Baseball

One of the biggest mistake baseball players make is working their butt off in the off-season only to stop training once this season starts. This is a HUGE mistake because  when you stop training during the season you’ll start to see your velocity go down. You will start missing with your fastball high and in or low and away. You won’t be able to locate your pitches how you want to & your overall performance starts to decrease

The reason why this happens is as the season goes on, your body starts to break down and you actually get weaker if your not training properly. The baseball players that train with at GameChanger during the baseball season actually get stronger as the season goes on. Their velocity increases & they are getting stronger while their competition gets weaker. Our baseball players are hitting their peak for the most important games of the year when their teams need them the most. Mentally they stay strong & they have the confidence to compete because they know nobody is outworking them. This is exactly why you need to train during the baseball season.

You’ve heard the saying “it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish” haven’t you? I knew as a former college baseball player if my best game was on opening day then I was going to be in for a long season.

The truth is if you want to become the best baseball player you can be, you have to be willing to do what other baseball players aren’t willing to do. Every baseball player is playing games, taking batting practice & practicing on their baseball skills. But what most baseball players overlook, especially in-season is proper in-season training to get you stronger as the season goes on. In-season training will be the game changer for you. It’s what will separate you from everyone else. While your competition starts to breakdown and get weaker, you will be getting stronger. This is what in-season training is about.

Most baseball players will say they don’t have time to train in-season, or they will say things like “I’m too tired” or “the workouts are too hard”.  If this is the way you think, then you need to change your attitude because you’re lying to yourself.  If you don’t think there’s enough time, it’s because you’re not making time to train. If you have time to go on Facebook, Instagram, watch TV then you can take 30 minutes 1-3 days a week to train but you need to prioritize it.. If you’re too tired then you need to focus on recovery, regeneration & nutrition. How are you fueling your body? How are you sleeping? These are all factors that will affect your energy . If you’re workouts are too hard then you need to change them up by making them shorter, less intense & start listening to your body.

So with that said, you cannot train the same way during the season as you did in the off-season when you didn’t have practices and games everyday. There’s a few fundamental changes you need to make & in the next post, you’ll learn exactly what changes we make here at GameChanger Gym to get our baseball players stronger in-season.

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