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In-Season Baseball Training FAQ

By February 18, 2014Athlete Training

With the baseball season right around the corner, I’ve put together some FAQ that I thought you may want to know heading into the season.

Q: 1 – Is in-season training necessary?

Yes, in-season training is critical for baseball players. If you stop training in-season, you risk loosing everything you worked so hard for in the off-season. When you stop training in-season, you will get weaker as the season goes on & your body will start to break down slowly. Our goal is to get you stronger as the season goes on so you peak properly for the most important games of the year. While everyone else is getting weaker, you’ll be getting stronger. When everybody else is getting weaker, you’ll be hitting your stride. These are the goals of in-season training.

Q: 2 – How many days do I need to train in-season?

Most of our baseball players train 1-2 days per week during the season depending on their schedule. At a minimum 1 X a week will allow you to maintain the results you worked so hard for in the off-season. If you train 2 X per week, you will continue to make consistent gains in-season.

Q: 3 – Will the sessions be different in-season?

In-season sessions are different then off-season sessions. They are a little shorter & we focus a lot more on recovery, regeneration & making sure you leave the gym feeling better then you came in. Even if you are tired or sore, you should come to the gym. There’s always something we can do & we’ll make sure you leave the gym feeling better then you came in.
Training in-season will also keep you mentally fresher so you don’t get caught in the trap of playing & practicing everyday & burning out.  By training in-season you will be in a different environment that will energize you for when you are at your practices & games.

Q: 4 – How long will the sessions be in-season?

In-season workouts will typically be 45-minutes long. We know that between school, homework & baseball, you’re schedule is very busy. It’s our goal to get you in and out of the gym in 45-minutes making sure you leave the gym feeling better then you came in.

Q:  5 – Will you be adding more in-season sessions?

Yes, we will be adding 8:30PM classes 2 X per week along with 7:30PM classes on Tuesday nights. We are also considering a Sunday morning class because we know this is an off-day for most baseball players.

Q: 6 – What type of results can I expect in-season?

Last year when we opened in May, our baseball players started to increase their velocity, running speed & hitting power even though they started in-season.
Do you have any other questions in regards to in-season training for baseball? If so, email me directly at

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