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The Importance of In-Season Training – Part 3

So, spring sports have begun and practice every day on top of school and homework have you drained, but you’ve found time to make it to the gym twice a week.

Now your work is done and you can rest on the fact that you train in-season, good for you, right?

NOPE, not even close.

Our in-season classes are unique; filled with breathing drills, plenty of foam rolling, and stretching so you leave feeling even better leaving than you did when you walked in.

That doesn’t mean we don’t get after it!

There have been many athletes hitting deadlift personal records weeks into days of school, practice, then training. How is this possible?!

When we get into the strength training portion of your sessions you will be handling heavy weights; the same or even heavier as you did in the off-season but from safer, more advantageous positions, and also for less reps.

That is the key – you will handle heavy weights from safe and advantageous positions so you don’t lose any strength in season, nor will you take any risks or chances with getting injured.

This is important because when you transition to off-season training again the floor of your strength starts higher and in turn the ceiling for your strength gains begins higher!

If you’re looking for a strength training program, in-season or off-season, that will take your game to the next level, look no further.

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