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The Importance of In-Season Training, Part 2

Last week, I talked about how if you discontinue your strength training once the season starts, you will only lose all your strength and be back at square-one. It’s the same as never, ever strength training!

Certainly, you don’t want to let all of that hard work go to waste, do you? No, you don’t.

So what do you have to do?

Easy. You’ve got to continue strength training, in some shape or form, during the season to hold on to the progress you’ve made.

But here’s the biggest issue players will run into when wanting to keep training throughout the season: limited time & energy.

Once the season is finally underway, practices are starting to ramp up and players have less time and energy for outside activities. When your mind and schedule starts to fill up, it may seem impossible to squeeze any extra training in on top of everything else that you’re expected to do.

At most, you might see yourself having time for one strength training session per week. And you may think to yourself, “what’s the point in training once a week? It took me three sessions per week to get stronger in the off-season.”

Here’s the answer to your question: Accumulation!

“Accumulation” is the reason why strength training once per week is still worthwhile, and the reason is quite simple.

Let’s say that baseball season itself is 4 months; it may be longer or shorter for you, but lets just roll with 4 months for simplicity. Each of those 4 months have 4 weeks – all together, that’s 16 weeks. If you followed just a program of just one session per week, you would have accumulated 16 strength training sessions throughout the season that you otherwise wouldn’t have done.

16 strength training sessions is nothing to laugh at. Just 16 sessions can result in significant progress for less experienced trainees. For more experienced trainees, strength can be maintained at the very least, if not improved upon.

Do yourself a favor and get at least one session per week in! It will pay off not only during the season, but once it’s over and in future seasons, too.

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