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The Importance of In-Season Training – Part 1

So baseball season is finally arriving, the moment that we’ve been training so hard for so many months in anticipation for!

You’ve prepared, you’ve trained hard, you’ve visualized success and now it’s finally time to lie back and rest on what you’ve done up to this point because that’s enough to get you through a long season, you’ve done your part and now you just have to wait for the success to just come.


No. Not right.

This idea couldn’t be more wrong. If there’s one thing you learn in life, may it be that “complacency is the enemy of success.”

Congratulations, you’ve made it through an offseason filled with tough training and you’re stronger, faster, and prepared for the season. Now, what do you think happens to this new strength and speed when it isn’t being trained consistently? Unfortunately, you begin to lose it.

The season takes its toll on you in various ways, and the biggest way is through reducing your strength. By not strength training in season, you will lose all of your gains quickly.

So, by taking this in-season approach, you begin a terrible cycle of getting strong before the season, losing it during the season, and the training just to gain that same strength back before the next season.

In the end, you never actually improve. You only stagnate.

We need to progress better then that season to season and the key to that is continued in season training!

Next week, we’ll get into the nitty gritty details of how in-season strength training can continue to improve your performance and athleticism.

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