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“I finally found the best gym out there!”

This week’s Success Story here at GameChanger is Fit-Mom Karen Keane from Garwood!

Karen’s one of our newer Adult Athletes who began training with us over the summer.

Despite struggling to make progress on her own at commercial gyms, she’s gotten stronger, fitter, & leaner once she started training here, and she’s even improved her eating habits!

Here’s her story:

“Before GameChanger, I was ‘stuck’ like many others – going to a gym without getting any results.

I wasn’t sure how to do any proper exercises to achieve my goals. I was heavier and not motivated at all. I was also very intimidated by all the machines at the gym.

I recently stopped smoking and wanted to continue on a new path to a healthier lifestyle. I stumbled upon GameChanger one day on Facebook, and after watching their video, I was very interested about the 21-Day Jumpstart. After completing the 21 days, I knew that this was the place for me!

I finally found the best gym out there – GameChanger has been life-altering for me!

Going to GameChanger is part of my daily routine. If I don’t go, I feel as if I missed out on bettering myself. I cannot wait to go and participate in their workouts. The coaches are very professional and welcoming. It even feels like family now!

I highly recommend GameChanger for all those who are bored and not seeing any results by running on a treadmill. I absolutely love it here!

After only a short time, I’ve noticed I have so much more energy and strength. I never felt this good going to my old gym. GameChanger offers so much more! They motivate me and help me to achieve all my goals. You really feel as if you have your own personal trainer here.

The nutrition plans are great, too – I eat totally differently now!

My kids are very proud of me. They see me starting to show some form and muscle in such a short time frame.

Six years ago I suffered a mini-stroke which affected my entire left side – and I never fully regained my full strength. But in the short time I’ve attended GameChanger, I have so much more strength!! I didn’t think it was possible but with the help and knowledgeable coaches, I’m achieving things I’ve never dreamed of!”

– Karen Keane, GameChanger Fit-Mom and Adult Athlete

We’re so proud of the progress you made so far, Karen! The future is looking awesome and you’re only going to keep getting more and more fit!

You can become more fit and improve your health, just like Karen has.

It all starts with taking the first step.

For more information on our 21-Day Jumpstart, and to get started, click the links below!



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